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How to write Best Ads & Find Profitable Keyword Group using iSpionage

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Today, I wanted to show you on how to use iSpionage to help you write a better ad copy, and the second one is to find out what keywords that are best associated with those ad copy. To better illustrate this tutorial, I wanted to use a couple of examples, and we’ll wrap it up.

The example that I wanted to use is a small business loan verticals. So let’s imagine that we’re an agency, or our business is a small business loan. If you don’t already know who your top competitors are within the industry, you can type in the keyword into iSpionage and iSpionage will show you the top competitors in this particular industry. Small business loans industry.

Okay, now, I wanted to emphasize the importance of paying attention to the top competitors. Not the bottom competitors, but the top competitors. As you can see here, the top competitors are the one who can spend tons of money in their PPC budget, and the reason that you want to pay attention to these guys are because these guys must have an agency to manage their PPC campaign, or their internal team to actually do that, fine-tuning their PPC campaign day-in and day out.

So let’s take a look. When you click on the, you will see the PPC budget spend estimate that we think they spend about between $30,000 – $93,000. So they spend a lot of money on monthly basis on PPC budget, on the PPC campaign; they better have a good ad copy and a good keyword, and so on. So let’s take a look.

As you can see here, if you scroll down to the top ad section of iSpionage here, you can see these are the top ad copies. We know these are the top ad copies because we rank them based on four factors, which is the Days Seen, how long we’ve seen them, how recent we’ve seen them, their average ad position, and their traffic. Okay, so when we combine all this and we put in our own proprietary algorithm, we put in some more weights on certain factors than others, we come up with 0 – 100 scoring mechanism in what we call Ads Effectiveness Index.

Okay, as you can see here, the first ad here has an AEI of 94.35, and you can see that this particular ad has been run for 145 days, and it’s very recent that we still see this particular ad, and the average ad position is pretty high. Okay, now if you want to know what are the perfect kind of like the keyword groups that should be associated with this kind of ad, say you want to launch a new task, a new ad group, or a new campaign, you can click on the plus sign on this column here. So, as you can see that the small business financing here, this ad copy, has three keywords associated with this. Small business financing, small business … All this, basically all this combination here triggers this particular ad copy, and you can see how tightly grouped this keywords with this particular ad copy.

Now let’s take a look at the next one here. OnDeck Business Loans, with the benefit that they want to position themselves as a 10-minutes online application. And if you take a look at the keyword grouping that they’re using, you can see how tightly grouped this keyword as well. Business loans, unsecured business loans, and all the variation of the misspelling of business loans.

Okay, now take a look at this benefits statement. First of all, we just established that these are the top ad copies that has been using, right? So you can take a look at this 10-minutes online application, so it’s something to do with the quick application, quick filling, in that sense. So these are the kind of thing you can keep in mind in writing your PPC campaign, like okay, something to do with the quick finishing the loan, so it seems like a lot of users or a lot of people trying to get a business loan, it might take forever in the process, so they really want to alleviate that problem with this specific benefit statement – 10 minute online application.

So as you can see, you just get an insight of what you can get from this particular advertiser, the top advertisers, the You should probably do this to more advertisers. So let’s take a look at some of the examples, one more example here. Let’s go to Oh, they spend a lot more than OnDeck just now. They spend amount almost half a million dollar on this particular vertical, so this is someone that you want to pay attention to for sure. Again, you scroll down to the top ads section here and you can see that these are the top ad copy that they’re using. Small business funding and what’s the benefit statement – working capital at your fingertips. So it’s like, hey you need money, you need fund to grow your business, here we are. We’re providing this to you. No docs, instant decision, so it’s again, something to do with the quick filling up of an application. Instant decision.

Then you can see the next one is, get approved and funded instantly, so essentially it’s all about the instant, quick filling up an application, and so on. These are the working one. Again, we know based on this ranking that I just talked to you about – days seen, last seen, average ad position. So we know these are the working ad copy for them, and with the benefit statement of quick application filling up, and so on. If you click on a few more, what happens is that you can see all of these ad copies of the top advertisers within this industry, ranked by their AEI score. So anything above 90, that means they’ve been using for quite a while, and they’re still using it. Those are the kind of ad copy that you want to use as your base.

Now, we don’t recommend you to copy the ad copy word-by-word, but just study on how they structure their headlines, the body, as well as the keywords associated with that. And you can take a look at them, and study them, and you can export them into your PPC campaign, and that’s out and you potentially profitable ad groups or campaign for you. I hope I just showed you a quick way of getting insights about the ad copy. You should probably do more than just two. We normally do 10 of them, we take a look closely on how our top competitors are doing, and then we kind of use that as our base in that sense.

That way, if you do it in that fashion, you will leverage what the top minds in your industry on how they structure. They must have spent tons of money fine-tuning this particular ad copy. As you can see that they’re spending almost $500,000 for the PPC campaign, so they’re serious about this thing. You can see these are the working ad copy. There’s no reason for you try something completely different, to begin with. You may want to test that after your campaign has reached its maximum, and you want to try something else. But to begin with, if you want to try something, a new campaign or a new task group like that, just use what works in your industry, and we provide you with all that. All that information, all that insights in your fingertips

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