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10 Businesses Making a Success of Twitter

The Twittersphere is an ever expanding universe. Its not easy to crack the Twitter code, but neither is it brain surgery. A few brands have learned how to leverage this social network and are killing it.

These 10 success stories are proof that any business or organization, whether large or small, can learn to creatively use this medium.

Here is a look at 10 brands that are getting it right on Twitter.

@JetBlue – 1,770,965 followers

jetblueIf you fly often, you know how frustrating it can get when your flights are cancelled or when you experience delays. JetBlue Airways is well aware of these frustrations and has effectively leveraged Twitter as a customer service channel. JetBlue also understands that responsiveness is important when dealing with frustrated customers. They not only respond, but do so as quickly as possible.

Takeaway: Respond as quickly as possible to individual customers queries

@Seamless – 80,255 followers

seamlessThis online food ordering service uses Twitter to display what customers can order anytime of the day or night. Seamless not only responds to customer queries, but also runs many trivias where followers can win free food. Seamless never seem to run short of something to say which very likely keeps engagement up all the time.

Takeaway: Create engagement round the clock

@rtm – 49,602 followers

rememberthemilkRemember the Milk is a reminder app that lets you add a task to your account via Twitter Direct Messages. While not much interaction takes place on its Twitter page (Actually, the only message on it’s Twitter handle was posted on 8 July 07 and reads “I’m alive! Add tasks and send commands to me by direct message. I can send reminders too. Setup and info:”), the real action however takes place in the background where users send direct messages and these are automatically added to their to-do lists.

Takeaway: Make Twitter an enabler for your customers

@cookbook – 225,818 followers

Maureen Evans ingeniously uses the 140-character limit to craft recipes. She has come up with shortcuts to make this possible and her Twitter link shows you exactly what those shortcuts mean. Some shortcuts like < or > are obvious but others like “btn” “choc” or “crm” may not be so obvious. Luckily, her fans don’t have a problem with these shortened words since they are just a link away.

Takeaway: Make Twitter a go-to resource and reference for your offerings

@TacoBell – 919,755 followers

TacoBellTaco Bell’s Twitter stream is filled with Vine videos, Instagram photos, and retweets from its fans, which creates massive engagement and following. Not only do they use slang words and phrases to appeal to audiences, they will also encourage fans to get creative while trying to reply to just about everyone who tweets at them. You will even find conversations between @TacoBell and celebrities like Ed Sheeran and Old Spice.

Takeaway: Use humor; don’t bore your followers, rather, be creative in your tweets

@Delta – 553,500 followers

DeltaIt turns out Delta Airlines has a Twitter support team of about 14 that monitors the social network 24×7. As you can imagine, they are able to capture any customer queries and respond whenever they come up short.
The support looks out for mentions of @Delta around the clock which is something smaller businesses can take note of. By placing emphasis on listening, Delta has made a mark for itself on Twitter and is able to turn around inaccurate information about the brand almost every time.

Takeaway: Listen to what your customers are saying about you on Twitter and respond accordingly

@SinkinFeeling – 5,606 followers

Having been on Twitter since 2009, Michael Sinkin is one dentist who knows how to offer great dental advice using only 140 characters. Averaging about 3 tweets per day, Michael finds and joins conversations on dentistry in New York City and offers great advice which has seen his popularity grow.

He runs a fairly active blog where he posts advice, opinions, and his expertise on dentistry and freely links to this rich resource whenever answering queries on Twitter. Whether you are looking for a good dentist or wanna know what a root canal is, Michael has got you covered, all on Twitter.

Takeaway: Use Twitter as an informational resource especially in a niche

@ShopJawbreaking – 35,522 followers

Aly Silverio owns and runs Jaw Breaking, an independent clothing company. She tweets on the latest exclusive details when they are available and uses her Twitter handle to respond to queries about pricing, availability, and shipping.
She frequently offers discounts on attire which her followers are more than eager to take advantage of while spreading the word to their friends.

Takeaway: Use Twitter to offer discounts, exclusive offers, and other tidbits to your followers

@DollarShaveClub – 35,384 followers

dollarshaveAveraging about 13 tweets per day, Dollar Shave Club offers quality blades and other goodness for a few bucks a month. In addition to selling blades, it has become popular for giving donations for various causes. Its Twitter stream is full of these donations that include the amount donated and the organization where the donation went to. They use this as an incentive to encourage buyers to make purchases that support a cause.

Takeaway: Highlight areas where you are contributing, especially charitable causes.

@DunkinDonuts – 450,139 followers

dunkinDunkin Donuts runs sweepstakes and provides meaningful content via Twitter. A look at its Twitter stream shows pictures and content from followers that Dunkin Donuts has retweeted or posted for others to see. The dozen or so social media team uses Radian6 and Buddy Media for various social analytics and monitoring to keep an eye on trends and respond to conversations accordingly.

Takeaway: Invest in a social monitoring tool to keep tabs on your industry and respond accordingly

There is no right or wrong way to use Twitter and each of the above brands has pretty much learned what works and what doesn’t along the way.


Guest Blogger David Gitonga
Guest Blogger David Gitonga
David Gitonga is a full-time Web content creator and strategist working with various companies in developing and executing online marketing campaigns on social networks and search engines. He mostly works with small and medium-sized businesses looking to leverage the Internet to drive sales, innovation, and engagement online. Connect with David on Twitter and Google+ or through his website.