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10 of the Most Popular PPC Posts from This Week

It’s that time of the week again when we take a look at what’s been trending in the world of PPC.  From new design updates and how to optimize for PPC to Amazon’s expanding entrance into the online advertising business, this week was truly abuzz with PPC-related action.

Here’s a look at 10 of the top PPC-related posts from this week. Total shares for this week’s posts comes in at 7,596.

#1:  A Guide to Optimal Campaign Settings for AdWords in 2014 for Savvy Advertisers

With so much emphasis and focus being placed on remarketing tactics, Quality Score, and negative keywords, few people know how to set the right campaign settings, which is key to finishing on top with AdWords Search campaigns.

This post looks at 10 ways you can enhance your campaigns and get the most out of your advertising dollars.

Published by @sejournal

#2: Report:  Amazon Preparing to Tackle Google AdWords

Reports continue to emerge on Amazon’s latest move to significantly expand its online advertising business with its Amazon Sponsored Links platform. This platform is meant to challenge Google’s advertising network.

This post looks at Amazon’s new aggressive focus and presents an example of how these ads may be displayed.  It’s a short but enlightening read on what you can expect from Amazon in the coming months.

Published by @Mashable

#3:  Google “Knowledge Vault” To Power Future Of Search

When Google launched the Knowledge Graph, it opened up new ways of searching information and facts. Google is now accelerating this mission by developing a successor to the knowledge base of content called the Knowledge Vault.

This post looks at the implications of this base of content and links to more posts that discuss the new developments in detail.

Published by @sengineland

#4:  Search Marketers: The Time to Focus on Mobile User Experience is Now

Mobile SEM is still in its infancy. Many huge brands still have broken mobile page layouts, absurd page-load times, and dangling snippets of code on their mobile front, among other things. Mobile SEM is no different and missed opportunities due to erroneous execution abound.

This post looks at mobile SEM and features plenty of examples of mobile ads done wrong, using screenshots and offering tips on how the ads could have been done better.  It’s a detailed piece for anyone looking to enhance their mobile SEM in order to maximize visibility and increase conversion.

Published by @sengineland

#5:  2013 Mobile Ad Revenue Hits $19.3B, Including Gains in Search

The findings are out, and mobile advertising revenue has nearly doubled from the previous year to $19.3 billion.  Of particular interest is the 92 percent growth of search ads in 2013, almost as much as that of the display ads.

This post breaks down the report findings using elaborate graphs and data tables showing where and to what extent growth took place.

Published by @sewatch

#6:  Panda Has a Smartphone – Here are 7 Things You Can Do to Test It Now

While a heavy-duty analysis of your site from a desktop standpoint during a Panda hit is always a good idea, it might not always cut it. You see, Google’s Panda algorithm measures a percentage of user experiences via mobile. Thus, fixing the problem on the desktop is fixing only half the problem.

This post looks at how you can analyze your site from a mobile Panda standpoint. It looks at seven things you can do to better understand your mobile users and identify potential Panda problems for mobile users.

Published by @sewatch

#7:  Why We Need Control in PPC

With last week’s announcement by Google that the option to exclude close variant match types would no longer be available starting September, a lot of marketers have gotten concerned and are wondering how this is going to impact their ad spend.

This post looks at various analyses done with close variants and tabulates the results. It shows the ad spend without close variants, with close variants, and if close variants are excluded. It also gives the results for various devices: on computers, mobile devices, and tablets with full browsers.

Published by @sewatch

#8:  Bing Following Google, Will Test Close Variants in Exact Match

Starting this week, Bing Ads began testing the inclusion of close variants in exact match for some of its queries in the U.S.  This is meant to help drive more highly qualified click volume to campaigns.

This post looks at the variant types that Bing expects to cover and how this change is intended to optimize PPC campaigns and make it less confusing for new advertisers.

Published by @sewatch

#9:  Bid Management Science Explained

Understanding the science behind the platform is essential in order to optimize decision making.  Learning how bid management software works and how the bids are calculated is important for SEM.

This post outlines the various types of bidding and helps readers understand what goes on behind the scenes.

Published by @sengineland

#10: Display Retargeting 101: A Handy Guide to the Buzziest Ads on the Internet

Retargeted ads have up to 10 times higher CTR than traditional banner ads. This post explains exactly what retargeted ads are, how they work, and how to design for them.

Published by @Econsultancy

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