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10 PPC Tricks and Tactics to Try

Who cares if you’ve failed your 2013 New Year’s resolutions? You can still use the rest of the year to make your PPC advertising more profitable. There are a large number of tricks and tactics that you can use to improve your CTR, bring you more traffic, cut your costs, and improve your conversions. Here are 10 PPC tricks that we think you should try in 2013.

1. Use your core traffic strategies with retargeting.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re using SEO, social media or blogging to generate traffic. You should still use these strategies with a PPC retargeting campaign for more ad exposure.

2. Use ad scheduling.

Set up the tracking required to log when your sales are coming in. Then schedule your ads so that you block out the times and days when clicks do not convert. Start purchasing clicks only during the most profitables times and days to see how it works.

3. Start a mobile campaign.

Mobile users can be a profitable source of traffic. Just make sure that you set up a separate campaign for mobile users and use a mobile friendly website. If you are combining desktop and mobile, make sure you reduce the bid for mobile visitors.

4. Try targeting display ads differently.

Display ads can be placed by placements and topics in addition to keywords. It might seem like a waste of money but you may be surprised to find out that expanding this way can actually return a positive ROI.

5. Track your PPC campaigns at the keyword level

Make sure you monitor your PPC campaigns at the keyword level and isolate underperforming keywords. If your ad group is not performing well, the culprit may be one or two keywords. Try creating a new ad group for these keywords so that you can try to make them work on their own.

6. Use multivariate testing.

Although it’s more complicated than split testing, multivariate testing is the fastest ways to find out which combination of website elements result in higher conversions. The saved time means you’ll be able to reduce costs and reach profitability faster.

7. Test Adwords sitelinks.

Many advertisers are reporting that adding sitelinks skyrocketed their CTR. Sitelinks can also increase conversions when implemented correctly.

8. Experiment with ad extensions.

Google Adwords now has many different ad extensions that you can use to enhance your campaigns. Adding social extensions and seller rating extensions can improve trust and credibility. Offer extensions can help you generate more sales by targeting impulse buyers.

9. Import your campaign over to Bing Ads.

Bing is the second best pay per click engine, so it’s important that you don’t ignore it. While the traffic volume is smaller, many PPC advertisers are seeing higher profitability from Bing for the same keywords they’re targeting on Adwords.

10. Segment your campaigns by geographic locations.

This will allow you to use geo-specific words in your ads, which can lead to higher clickthroughs and conversions.


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