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3 Simple Steps for Competitor Alerts

Stay On Top of the Competition with Alerts

iSpionage listened carefully to our customers and today we are launching a new Competitor Alert feature in response to this valuable input. We understand that in today’s global marketplace competitive PPC and SEO tactics adapt and evolve with increasing frequency. We developed Competitor Alerts to enable our subscribers to stay on top of competitive shifts and adjustments. Since frequent maintenance of PPC campaigns often separates successful advertisers from those that struggle, our new Competitor Alerts can also help you stay engaged in the process of optimizing your PPC efforts.

Competitor Alerts Can Be Added in 3 Easy Steps

Our software not only tells you what your competitors are currently spending to communicate with markets with their search marketing campaigns. We can help you develop at picture of how your competitors allocate search advertising budgets across which terms and phrases of relevance to your industry.

1. Pick a Competitor to Track

In the example here, let’s assume that I am a florist trying to learn from some of the leaders in my industry and apply these insights to my own campaigns. If I ran a flower shop, I might just want to stay aware of what 1-800-Flowers is up to online. In this case, my first stop should be the iSpionage homepage where I place 1-800-Flowers into the search bar.

To Start Receiving Competitor Alerts, Start at the iSpionage Homepage

2. Click the Competitor Alert Icon

After you select search, you will be presented with the results page which now includes a new Competitor Alert new orange icon next to the Advertiser’s Name that looks like a ringing bell.

The new icon looks like this:
Competitive Alerts Icon

By clicking the Competitor Alert icon, you create an Alert for this Competitor.

3. Confirm Your Selection

After clicking the Competitor Alert icon, you will see the confirmation screen. Once you choose “Add Alert” you will receive periodic reports highlighting any changes that your competitor has introduced including:

  • New PPC Keywords
  • New SEO Keywords
  • New Ad Placements
Choose “Add Alert” & You Are Now Tracking Your Competitor

What You Will Receive

Every time our database is refreshed, you will receive an email that takes you to a summary of all changes to your competitor’s online content and search marketing tactics. Oh, and we have the most current information available today by the way. Your email will summarize the changes and provide a link to your Competitor Alerts Dashboard:
Competitor Alert Results Screenshot

Give Competitor Alerts a spin when you get a chance. They are a great place to start getting to know the advanced features that your iSpionage account provides. If you think iSpionage may be helpful to your business or your client’s business, please stay in touch by subscribing.


Chris Sparks, iSpionage Director of Marketing
Chris is an online marketing and content strategist here at iSpionage building awareness and engagement within our target markets.