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5 Websites That Can Deliver Tons of Traffic

We all know the importance of search traffic is. They are by far is the most converting traffic source you can get. Google dominates the search world, followed by Yahoo and Bing.

With that in mind, I digged into iSpionage data to find the sites that get tons of organic traffic from the big 3 search engines and accept advertisements.

I wanted to know this because it indirectly targets search traffic, and thus, it indirectly targets some of the most converting web traffic!

Here are my findings:


ehowSEOT is owned by Demand Media, and has 133,435 first page organic keywords in Google and 789,081 first page organic keywords in Bing/Yahoo.

And many of these keywords are high value keywords, because their Monthly SEO Traffic Value of $22.8 Million.

NOTE: The SEO Traffic Value is an estimated traffic value based on first-page organic keywords a company has in Google, Bing, and Yahoo combined. The value is derived from the equivalent PPC search marketing spend were the company to have run PPC campaigns in all search engines with their organic keywords.

eHow is a site where you can learn just about anything. So if you have any business that requires your customers to learn something, or you are in the teaching business, you may want to consider promoting your business on eHow.

Here’s how to learn more about their advertising platform.


about.comPPC has high monthly SEO Traffic Value currently of $112M, with 503,809 first page organic keywords in Google, and 375,268 in Yahoo and Bing – and they also spend BIG money on PPC advertising too. We estimate that they spend over $3M dollars on Google Adwords for 1.59 Million keywords every month.

With that amount of search traffic, it’s almost like they are another search engine!

What is is all about? It’s about anything under the sun it seems. When you go to their site they have articles on most topics.

Here’s what’s interesting to me: If they already have tons of organic traffic and yet still spend heavily with Google Adwords, they must make much more money from the ads on their articles. That means, people do click away from their pages, and that traffic could be yours!

Learn more about advertising on


Everybody knows that thick yellow book that comes on your doorstep every year. For a long time, I used one as my monitor stand.

Well, they have evolved big time. They have a good looking, fairly user-friendly web site, but they also know how to use their local business content to optimize their site.

Their monthly SEO Traffic Value is $39,365,802 and they have 175 thousand first page organic keywords in Google, and 187 thousand first page organic keywords in Bing and Yahoo.

They are also spending more than $1M for hundreds of thousands keywords in Google Adwords.

In addition, their organic keywords are very targeted.
If you are a local business, you should really consider listing your business on

Learn more about their advertising platform.


CNET is most famous for its consumer electronic and software reviews, and as a place to download software.

With $48,284,965 in monthly SEO traffic value from 195,558 first page Google keywords and 164,206 Bing/Yahoo keywords, it is also a site that you may want to consider, especially if you sell consumer gadgets.

They also spend to generate $300,000 worth of PPC traffic from more that 30,000 keywords.

From reviewing their PPC adcopy, I can see that it is mostly promoting “free download” software. It seems that the original software providers are capitalizing on CNET’s brand so visitors have more “trust” to download their software into their computer. Smart!

That’s another take away: If you sell software that needs to be downloaded and installed into your customer’s local machine, you may want to consider CNet to host the download part for you.

CNET is part of CBS Interactive, and you can learn more about their advertising options here.


Wikihow has a monthly SEO traffic value of $28,021,502 that they get from 209,953 first page organic Google keywords and 82,289 first page organic Bing/Yahoo keywords.

One approach would be to write a genuine how-to article to contribute into their massive content base. It seems their editors work hard to ward off spam so make sure any article you submit delivers true value. Unfortunately, articles do not deliver backlinks though.

Nevertheless it has a massive traffic. According to techcrunch, they have 20 Million monthly visitors.

One perk of this site is that you can target it using your Google Adwords account. They are part of Google Display Network.


So…there you are.

Five examples of sites that accept advertising that have huge amounts of search traffic. And if you want to indirectly target search traffic, you may want to consider promoting your business on sites that receive tons of search traffic.


iSpionage Founder and CEO
Leon Krishnayana – iSpionage Founder and CEO
Leon’s background includes years of experience with search engine marketing, competitive intelligence, SEO, start-ups, e-commerce, and enterprise software architecture & development. Leon focuses his energy on product and business development, and leadership and management at iSpionage. In his free time, Leon enjoys spending time with his family and playing basketball, volleyball, and tennis.