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6 of the Best Keyword Research Tools

The first step in creating successful paid search campaign involves long hours doing competitor and detailed keyword research.

In fact, nailing down the right keywords to use in your ad copy for paid search campaigns can often make or break how well your ad will perform. Since keyword research is so vital, it’s important to make sure you have the right tools in order to help select the right keywords, understand what keywords your competitors are using, and ultimately, select the right keywords for your campaign.

In order to help you get on the right track, here is a quick run down of the six best keyword research tools to help you with your keyword and ad copy research.

#1: Google AdWords Keyword Planner

Adwords KW planner

By far, the most popular and widely used keyword research tool is the Google AdWords Keyword Planner. Google offers this free platform to help you more effectively plan your search network campaigns.

With this tool, you can search for individual keyword ideas, get ideas for ad groups, determine search volume, understand data between broad and exact match keywords, get historical data for keywords, see how a list of particular keywords may potentially perform, create multiple keyword lists, and more.

Top Advantages
• See competitive bids for your keywords
• Download your keyword list and easily upload into Google AdWords when you’re ready to create your campaign
• Free to use
• Completely intuitive interface
• Most search marketers are familiar with Google AdWords, so you can easily transfer data as necessary

The Google AdWords Keyword Planner is free of charge.

#2: iSpionage


iSpionage is a popular and effective keyword research, ad copy research and competitive analysis research tool that focuses on helping both agencies and small businesses.

iSpionage understands how difficult it is to keep up with the changing world of search marketing, so they have built a framework to help agencies stay ahead of the game. With iSpionage, you can easily conduct initial keyword research, evaluate competitor data, get updates on industry changes, and more.

Top Advantages
• One of the best competitive analysis research tools on the market
• Ability to easily track and monitor client search marketing success
• Ability to benchmark your clients’ success against their top competitors
• Customized Reporting Tools
• Access to competitor alerts, so you (or your clients) don’t ever fall behind

iSpionage offers some of their data for free. For more detailed access to reports, customers pay anywhere from $53/month to $129/month, depending on the plan selected.

#3: Wordstream Keyword Tool


WordStream is another popular search marketing research tool. WordStream offers a variety of tools that help users with keyword suggestions, keyword grouping, overall keyword analysis, negative keyword discovery, and long-tail keyword suggestions.

Not only does WordStream offer excellent keyword research tools, but they also publish helpful white papers often in order to help you learn how to conduct excellent keyword research, and understand best practices.

• Excellent negative keyword research tool to help you refine your keyword list and save money in the long run.
• The Keyword Niche Finder Tool offers a way for you to discover your most profitable keyword opportunities in your industry.
• The Keyword Grouping Tool helps you organize your campaigns more effectively.

The WordStream keyword tools are available free of charge.

#4: Moz (SEOMoz)


Moz is one of the most influential companies in the search engine-marketing world. They offer a variety of products to help you with your search marketing efforts including Moz Analytics, the Open Site Explorer, the keyword difficulty tool, and more.

Moz is a great place to start if you’re looking to delve a little deeper into learning a lot about the ins and outs of search engine marketing.

• Keyword difficulty tool tells you how easy or difficult it may be for you to rank for a certain keyword. This is a great way for you to refine your keyword list.
• Moz offers a blog with fresh and current industry updates.
• Moz also offers tools for your local campaigns in their Moz Local package. If you’re interested in geo-targeting, Moz is a great tool.

The Moz Pro Subscription that includes over 12 tools including Moz Analytics, the Open Site Explorer, Followerwonk, and more starts at $99/month. The Moz Local subscription is just $49 per year per location.

#5: Advanced Web Ranking

Advanced web ranking
Advanced Web Ranking offers a helpful keyword research tool that pulls data from a variety of top sources including Google AdWords, Yahoo! API, 7Search, Google Suggest, Google Webmaster API, Google Trends, SEMRush, Wordtracker and more. This helps you identify effective keywords by comparing data all in one place.

• You have the ability to import data up to 24 months old. This will help you make accurate historical comparisons.
• Easily synchronize multiple accounts to view data all in one easy location
• Ability to update your account as often as you wish.
• Use the traffic stats and patterns in order to more effectively measure your traffic and determine your revenue generated by certain keywords.
• Many other products offered in addition to the keyword research tools including link analysis, social monitoring, competitive research tools, integrated analytics, and more.

Advanced Web Ranking offers 4 different price plans. The Basic plan starts at $199, the Professional plan starts at $399, the Enterprise plan starts at $799, and the Server plan starts at $2999.

#6: Ubersuggest


Ubersuggest is a tool I just recently stumbled upon, but is definitely worth mentioning. Their slogan is “Suggest on steroids,” meaning they take what Google Suggest has to offer and give you a whole lot more, which is true.

In order to use Ubersuggest, you simply write a term in the search books, choose a language and source, and Ubersuggest will return a list of suggested search terms for your campaign. If you click on any particular keyword, the cycle continues, and you can find more suggested search terms to add to your basket. In order to add a keyword to your basket, simply click on the plus sign, and then download them at the end.

• This tool is slightly more comprehensive than Google Suggest.
• Ubersuggest is the perfect place to start your keyword research, as it can help you come up with keyword ideas you never even considered.
• Instantly get thousands of keyword ideas that are based on real user queries.
• Use the data to refine and boost your paid search campaigns.

Ubersuggest is a free keyword tool.


These are some of the best keyword research tools on the market to help you with your keyword research, Ad copy and competitive analysis for paid search campaigns. Not only will they help with your initial market research, but they will also help you to optimize your campaigns through continued refinement and analysis. Feel free to share your favorite tools, strategies or suggestions in the comments below.


Guest Author Ashley R. Cummings
Guest Author Ashley R. Cummings

Ashley R. Cummings is the owner of Searchlight Content and a freelance writer, specializing in online marketing, education, and travel. Connect with Ashley on Facebook or , and learn more about her on LinkedIn.