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7 of the Hottest PPC Marketing Articles from This Week

Keeping up with the latest PPC news each week is a challenge so once again we’ve come up with a list of some of the hottest PPC and AdWords related posts from the last week. The combined shares for this week’s posts is 4,783.

There were also some big updates this week like call conversion tracking and a change to the way exact and phase match keywords will be used in Google. These are big changes that every PPC marketing manager should be aware of.

#1: 5 Steps to Adjust to Google’s Latest Change to AdWords Matching Behavior

This post looks at how matching behavior for phrase and exact match keywords has changed and how this will affect marketers who have previously been opting out of the setting. The post looks at how marketers can prepare for additional volume, how to stop routinely building variants into their keyword lists, and how to account for traffic redirection in close keyword variations.

Published by @sengineland

#2: Study: Consumers increasingly turn to Mobile & Varied Media Combinations in Last Mile

This post overturns the notion that mobile is the first shopping step which ends with the purchase happening on a desktop or laptop.

It provides statistics that show how consumers are increasingly using mobile devices in each segment of the sale process. The post breaks down the stats using beautifully illustrated infographics summarizing the results of the study.

Published by @sengineland

#3: 6  Costly Mistakes to Avoid with Shopping Campaigns

With Google scheduled to retire PLA campaigns at the end of August and replacing it with the new Shopping campaigns, advertisers are still making mistakes that are costing them money with the new campaign types.

This post looks at the common mistakes you can avoid to enjoy a much smoother transition during the migration process.

Published by @sejournal

#4: Introducing Website Call Conversions

Website call conversions is a powerful way to identify and measure calls from your website that occur after an ad click. This post looks at how website call conversions work, how to maximize the call value and volume, and how to start measuring the calls using a code snippet. This official post from Google also includes links to learn more about capturing future call conversions.

Published by @adwords

#5: Google Tests a New Local Knowledge Graph Interface

Google has changed the local carousel interface of its local knowledge graph and is testing a vertical card-like approach instead. This post looks at the new interface with screenshots showing what the new carousel looks like when viewed from a desktop and from a mobile device.

Published by @sengineland

#6: Goodbye, Exact and Phrase Match Keywords. Now What?

This post looks at who will be impacted by the recent end of the exact and phrase matches as we know them in AdWords and gives insight into the benefits of the close variant keywords recently introduced.

The post also looks at the reasons behind the move to get rid of exact and phrase match and what advertisers should do now.

Published by @sewatch

 #7: 5 Mobile Ad Strategies You Need to be Using

With mobile search volumes growing and mobile CTR dropping, this makes the mobile PPC market harder to control. Without a clear mobile strategy, advertisers efforts are likely to fail.

This post offers best tips on how to manage your mobile strategy. It includes plenty of graphics to better explain some of the concepts being discussed.

Published by @WordStream


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