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7 Ways to Increase The Sales Conversion Rate in Google Ads

You’ve done everything you could. Your bids are competitive and your ads are laser targeted. You’ve also done A/B (Always Be) Testing and ensured your landing page gets the highest ROI. But then you realize that nothing has changed and you’ve seen no improvements since you began the campaign. While you’re staying put, your competitors are constantly seeking for ways to enhance their relationships with the clients through Google ads.

In order to stay one step ahead of the competition, we recommend that you implement these 7 tips to increase your sales conversion rates.

1. Test Your Landing Page Headline

The headline is the first thing that a website visitors sees when entering your site. Only 20% of people who read the headline will read beyond the title. Landing Page headlines should compel the visitor to read what is next.

The best headlines are those that are clear and simple, i.e., you promising to solve a problem your visitor is facing. Headlines with the highest conversions often start with the words ‘How To” and include words that sell- free, discover, secret, results, quick, guaranteed.

2. Add Testimonials and Reviews

Testimonials and reviews –real ones – give your website visitors the perception that you are a legitimate business. They are your social proofs – tactics practically every business uses to ease the minds of worried customers. What most businesses fail to do, but is crucially important, is provide the full name and business of the reviewer. Those testimonials are more convincing than ones with just a first name and initial.

3. Optimize Your Contact Page

Your lead-generation form is the quickest way to improve conversation rates. However, you should remember that the more information you ask, the lower your conversion rate will be. So instead of asking for a first and last name, you could simply ask for a name. You could also refrain from having the visitor specify the company they are with. You could always ask that later.

4. Test the Buttons

It’s crucial to ensure that the buttons on the landing page are working and optimized for conversion:

Color– The color of the button should contrast the color on the rest of the site. Use the color wheel to determine the right color of the button. Typically orange is the best color in terms of click through rate.

Shape-Buttons should have no sharp edges. Rounded corners are easier on the eyes and are recommended for websites that depend on Google AdWords for lead generation.

Size– The bigger the button the better the conversion rates!

5. Add directional cues

Directional cues is the key to leading the viewer to the most important element on your landing page: the call-to-actions. The design of your landing page should direct the viewer’s eye to your form, transaction point or telephone number. There are two ways this can be done – both implicit (direction of gaze, color, etc.) and explicit (arrows, curves, etc).

6. Add Value

The products and services that you offer are just a small part of a big picture in a Google Adwords campaign. You need to provide your online visitors with a reason to return to your site on a regular basis so that when you have sales on existing products or new products to unveil, they will be more inclined to pay. One way to do this is to provide valuable information about the products you sell. As well, provide reviews of multiple products in comparison to one another through an unbiased authority.

7. Avoid Risk

Website owners trying to convert visitors into customers face the fear that visitors have in regard to purchasing a product online. When you Aremove the risk in the transaction, you help break that fear. Offer your website visitors a no-risk guarantee on all their purchases. Make the guarantee for a limited time so that you don’t find yourself refunding purchases made months in the past. As well offer your customers the chance to pay through Paypal and other payment processing services.

However, when you word the ad copy, do not forget to add key keywords, such as “30 days money back guaranteed”, “free”, “discover”, “discount” etc. These keywords are the biggest enticements for consumers.


Article contributed by iRISEmedia staff.