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Top PPC News: 8 Hot Articles from the Last Two Weeks

Once again we’re going to take a look at the top trending posts this week in PPC. Take some time to check out these posts to stay up-to-date on the world of PPC marketing.

The posts range from best practices in PPC to what’s trending in mobile. Enjoy!

#1: Mastering the PPC Challenge: Break-even CPC and More

One of the biggest challenges when running PPC campaigns is not only to get to the top, but to stay there. And being able to afford the top position often involves optimizing conversation rates. This post looks at how to use the break-even CPC formula in order to drive optimization, and where to focus your optimization efforts as a search marketer.

Published by @ClickZ

#2: Beyond Search: Unifying PPC and SEO on the Display Network

This post looks at the synergy between PPC and SEO and how the harmony between paid and organic search is a defining feature in a well-executed search engine marketing. The post looks at the various techniques that marketers can use to kick their paid/organic collaboration into gear.

Published by @Moz

#3: Why You Can’t Hide from Mobile PPC

With mobile seeing a 98 percent growth year-over-year in Q2, 2014, having a mobile strategy in place is paramount. For those who do not yet have a mobile strategy in place, this post helps them get up to speed with their mobile PPC strategy.

Published By @Sengineland

#4: What I Learned During My First Year in PPC

This post looks at the ins and outs of PPC, including soft skills necessary to make PPC campaigns a success. It is written by an account manager at Hanapin Marketing and explores how to communicate with clients and co-workers, how to use data in meaningful ways, learning from mistakes, being proactive, patient, and flexible while working at a PPC agency.

Published By @ppchero

#5: 5 Ways to Beat Your Competitors with Killer PPC Ad Copy

Have you ever wanted to learn how to write ads that consistently perform well? Do you want to learn what works and what doesn’t in the world of PPC ad copywriting? This post looks at five ways to improve your PPC ad copy to drive more conversions.

Published by @unbounce

#6: Rule Number One when Working with a PPC Agency

This post looks at the benefits of taking control of one’s own account when working with a PPC agency. While the post is a short read, it contains great insight into why a PPC agency should let a client own their own Adwords account.

Published by @CardinalPath

#7: Creating Personas for PPC

With a lot of focus shifting from the use of keywords in PPC to audiences, intent, and behaviors, having personas that you can target is crucial to the long-term success of your PPC campaigns. This looks at the steps to follow when creating personas. It contains a lot of images, graphics, and concrete data to show what type of personas work and how to go about creating each one of them.

Published by @Portent

#8: Why Its So Easy to Fail on Mobile [Data]

With mobile search volumes growing exponentially over the past few years and search CPCs rising dramatically for mobile over the past 12 months, the mobile market is increasingly becoming important for PPC marketers. This post looks at the various data points for mobile related to Click-Through Rates, mobile’s impact on quality score, mobile CPC, and mobile impression share.

Published by @WordStream

Any articles on PPC you found interesting this week? Leave a comment below or share the link with us on Twitter @ispionage.