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8 Top PPC Marketing Posts from This Week

Today we’re doing a quick roundup of the top PPC posts from the week so you can top up your Buffer account and stay abreast of what’s being published.

The topics cover everything from common PPC mistakes to landing page best practices. Enjoy!

#1: The 5 Most Common PPC Mistakes from AdWords Do-It-Yourselfers

Many businesses do AdWords account management themselves either because they don’t have the budget to hire someone else or they want to be fully in control over the results. This is a great approach for business owners who have the time for it, but do-it-yourself PPC managers will want to pay attention to these common mistakes in order to stay on top of their accounts.

Published by @10000footview

#2: AdWords Ad Scheduling — AKA Dayparting — in 5 Steps (With Data!)

Do your ads convert at better rates during different parts of the day? They just might, and this post explains how you can find out and take advantage of ad scheduling if they do.

Published by @b2community

#3: Google AdWords Says You Can Be Charged For Invalid Clicks When…

Nobody wants to get charged for bogus clicks. Read this post to learn about a scenario where that could happen.

Published by @seroundtable

#4: 8 Paid Search Marketing Tips for Beginners

Know someone who’s just getting started with PPC? Share this post to help them learn the basics so they can understand the fundamentals of pay-per-click advertising.

Published by @huffingtonpost

#5: 4 Signs it’s Time to Hire a PPC Professional

Ever find yourself searching for reasons you can give potential clients to explain why they should hire you? Now you’ve got four more to add to the list.

Published by @dealermarketing

#6: Bing Ad’s New Look Represents New Energy from Microsoft’s Search Ads Platform

Bing ads rolled out a new interface this week designed to help marketers optimize their campaigns (it also happens to look like AdWords). This post explains the thought process Bing’s UI team went through to come up with the new design.

Published by @marketingland

#7: How and Why Your PPC Agency Should Fail

Nobody’s perfect when it comes to managing ad campaigns, and sometimes you even want your agency to “fail” in the name of trying new things to get better results.

Published by @clickz

#8: 10 Landing Page Best Practices for PPC Campaigns

Most people know PPC traffic should be sent to landing pages that match what’s being advertised. Read this post to learn 10 best practices you can consider for the landing pages you’re designing and optimizing.

Published by @b2community

Are there any top articles from this week you’d add to this list? Leave a comment to let us know or share the link with us on Twitter at @ispionage.