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And the winner for the Valentine’s Day event is…

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been monitoring 12,774 highly relevant keywords for Valentine’s day across Google, Yahoo and MSN.

I do this because with the current economy, I thought many people will go to the internet to look for bargain gifts. I’m curious to see which company will take advantage of this event.  So here you go….

Google, Yahoo and MSN advertisers that has the most Valentine’s related keywords

Top PPC Advertisers for Valentine’s Day

NOTE: The x-axis represents the number of keywords.

From the data we can see:

1. proves to grab the number one paid search advertiser for this event. They have the most coverage across Google, Yahoo and MSN.

2.  is smart to create “The Pink Panther 2” as an event for Valentine’s day. But, I wonder why they focused on MSN only, does MSN audience like Pink Panther 1 more than Google’s and Yahoo’s ?

Now, for each of the search engines, the top 25 advertisers are a bit different. Here’s the break down.

Top Advertisers on Google

Top Advertisers on Yahoo
Top Advertisers on MSN

Notice that the #1 spot in MSN is ?  It turns out that they’re releasing “Pink Panther 2” and they linked it with the Valentine’s day event. What would be better than a dinner & movie for Valentine day? Good job.

Interestingly, by far, MSN holds the first position for the total cumulative keywords by the top 25 advertisers of each search engine.

Total kw bid by top 25 advertisers in Google:  61,075
Total kw bid by top 25 advertisers in Yahoo!:  76,736
Total kw bid by top 25 advertisers in MSN: 111,122

This shows that MSN is much more affordable than Google and Yahoo to reach the first page placement.