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How to Optimize PPC Ads for Better Conversion Rates

If you’re spending money on Paid Search Ads (PPC), you probably spend a considerable amount of time checking your conversion rate. After all, what’s the point of buying Google ads if it doesn’t convert into paying customers?  Thankfully, there are several ways to optimize your PPC campaigns, get a higher Quality Score in Google, and improve your landing page conversion rate. In this article, we explain how Google defines Quality Score and areas where you should focus to improve your low quality score, which will lead to more conversions. Then, we’ll show you how to utilize SEM competitive insights to fine-tune your strategy.
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The Secret to Wildly Successful Google Local Ads

Perfecting local PPC campaigns with Google Ads is the biggest challenge in search engine marketing (SEM). It’s true whether you’re multi-million dollar agency managing ad campaigns for a nationwide health insurance company or an independent hair salon opening your second shop on the other side of town.
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3 Simple Ways to Squeeze More Profit Out of Google Ads eCommerce Campaigns

Lots of people are spending money on Google and Facebook ads, but not everyone knows how to squeeze the maximum profit out of their campaigns. Let me give you an example. I started working with a small eCommerce company a couple months ago that advertises with Facebook and Google ads. They were managing their campaigns themselves but then hired me to see if I could help them get a better return.
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5 Content Amplification Strategies That Beef Up Viewership  

No matter how engaging and informative your content is, it’s only worthwhile if people actually see it. Many bloggers and business owners focus on creating great content, but they don’t spend as much time on the amplification process. In today’s busy online world, it’s not enough to just create great content—you also have to develop an effective amplification strategy to ensure that this content reaches your audience.
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