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BSE Why and How to Invest in Gold ETF

However, the scheme’s minimum value should be equivalent to 1 kg of gold and in multiples thereof. Gold ETFs can be sold at the stock exchange through the broker using a demat account and trading account. Since one is investing in an ETF that is backed by physical gold, ETFs are best used as a tool to benefit from the price of gold rather than to get access to physical gold. So, when one liquidates Gold ETF Units, one is paid as per domestic market price of the gold. AMCs also permit redemption of Gold ETF Units in the form of physical gold in ‘Creation Unit’ size, if one holds equivalent of 1kg of gold in ETFs, or in multiples thereof. As mentioned above, the costs like storage costs, making charges are eliminated in case of gold ETFs, and the expense ratio charged for gold ETFs is also very low.

  • To open an account, you would require a PAN Card, an address proof and an identity proof.
  • The ETFs are expected to track the underlying index closely, but some ETF do not track it closely.
  • Over the past years, gold prices have been on a constant rise.
  • With the rising trend in equity market, interest in assets like gold are falling.
  • Launched on April 28, 2009, this is an open-ended gold commodity scheme belonging to SBI Mutual Fund House.
  • Since gold-backed ETFs are traded on the Stock Exchange, they are a very convenient tool to invest in and make for a desirable variation to your investment portfolio.

This provides the investors with high returns at lower costs. Moreover, these finds do not have any additional costs like entry or exit load as in the case of mutual funds. Gold ETFs invest in physical gold bars that are of 99.5% purity. These ETFs can be bought and sold anytime on the stock exchange.


When you buy units of a mutual fund scheme from the AMC, the AUM of the fund increases and when you redeem units the AUM of the fund reduces. In case of ETF, there is only transfer of ownership from seller to buyer and the ETF AUM remains constant. 4) No need to issue cheques by investors while subscribing to IPO. And considering the returns from a Gold ETF, even a high expense ratio of about 1% or more wouldn’t make much of a difference. With a one-year return of around 7.2%, the SBI Gold ETF is very much on track with the other online mutual funds in this list.

gold etfs to buy

It is a fund with Moderately High risk and has given a CAGR/Annualized return of 6.6% since its launch. Return for 2021 was -5.5% , 2020 was 26.6% and 2019 was 22.5% . SBI Gold Fund is a Gold – Gold fund was launched on 12 Sep 11. It is a fund with Moderately High risk and has given a CAGR/Annualized return of 4.4% since its launch. Return for 2021 was -5.7% , 2020 was 27.4% and 2019 was 22.8% .

What is Gold ETF?

If you are concerned about what will happen to your money, consider that SEBI regulates Gold ETFs and that each unit is supported by actual gold. Ltd. makes no warranties or representations, express or implied, on products offered through the platform. It accepts no liability for any damages or losses, however caused, in connection with the use of, or on the reliance of its product or related services. The ETFs are expected to track the underlying index closely, but some ETF do not track it closely.

Apart from buying physical gold, there are various convenient ways to invest in gold. Gold ETFs are investments made in standard gold bullions of 99.5% purity that are traded on exchange. An Exchange Traded Fund is type of mutual fund scheme which is traded on the stock exchanges like NSE and/or BSE. It gives benefit of diversification like mutual fund schemes and tradability of units like stocks. Investment in gold has been traditionally favored in India and is considered to be a safer investment option.

Performance of the Best Gold ETFs*

There are many points of distinction between gold ETFs and other forms of gold. Given below is a brief comparison between gold ETFs and other such forms. Have you compared the personal interest rates and processing fees? A Demat account was created to eliminate the time-consuming and inconvenient procedure of purchasin… This is an open-ended gold commodity scheme which belongs to Axis Mutual Fund House.

Why are the prices of gold ETFs different from each other?

Ans: Unlike the non-uniform price of gold, prices of gold ETFs are uniform throughout the country.

A Gold ETF is an exchange-traded fund that aims to track the domestic physical gold price. They are passive investment instruments that are based on gold prices and invest in gold bullion. In India, Gold is usually held in ornament form, which has a certain making and wastage component (usually more than 10% of bill value). It is ideal for investors who would like to invest in Gold but doesn’t like the hassles and costs of storing and safeguarding physical gold.

Tips for Buying Gold

The cost of the ETF units is automatically debited from your account and your demat account is credited with the specified number of Gold ETF units. Gold ETFs are generally considered as one of the safest options to invest as the price fluctuations are not high as compared to other options. The underlying asset i.e., Gold is one of the most precious metals whose value does not depreciate significantly. On clicking on Invest Now, you will be redirected to 3rd Party page/ gateway owned / operated by an independent party i.eSmallcase Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (“Smallcase”) over which UTI Mutual Fund has no control/influence (“3rd Party Gateway”). Any link you access/click to or from the 3rd Party Gateway will be solely at your own risk and consequences.

The remaining 1.64% of the assets are held by it as cash and cash equivalents. Over the past one year, the fund has managed to generate a return of about Kitco webinar: How to read gold charts, presented by Jim Wyckoff 7.2%. However, the three-year return comes up to around 8.3%, making the ETF a great choice for individuals looking for a long-term investment.

It is far safer than stocks and has low levels of volatility too. Gold ETFs are passive investments that track the domestic price of gold. Compare returns and find best gold etfs to invest in India. The scheme seeks to generate returns that correspond to the returns provided by the price of gold through investment in physical Gold. However, the scheme’s performance may differ from the underlying asset due to tracking errors.

This is a seamless and secure way of buying or selling gold ETFs. When buying gold in the form of jewellery, investors have to accumulate a certain amount to make a purchase. When it comes to Gold ETF, investors can start investing for as low as Rs 45, which is the price of 1 unit of ICICI Prudential Gold ETF. The prices of gold ETFs are the same throughout the country and are available publicly on the stock market. Also, there are no hidden charges for trading in Gold ETF which may reduce the earnings of the investor. With Gold ETFs, you don’t have to worry about your investment amount being misused at all.

Which are some of the best Gold ETFs?

Ans: Some of the best Gold ETFs are as follows:

The SPDR Gold Mini Shares TrustThe Granite shares gold TrustThe Invesco Gold ETFThe HDFC Gold ETFThe UTI Gold ETFThe SBI Gold ETFThe Axis Gold ETFKotak Gold ETFBirla Gold ETF

Launched in the year 2009, the SBI Gold ETF is managed by SBI Funds Management Limited. Until January 07, 2022, each unit of this ETF represented 1 gram of physical gold. However, it was changed to represent 1/100th of a gram of gold with effect from January 11, 2022. The returns provided by the Kotak Gold ETF is on par with the average. Over the past one year, the fund has managed to generate a return of about 7.21%. However, during the previous three-year period, the rate of return was much higher at about 8.47%.

There is a price risk in gold ETFs just as there is price risk in gold. If the price of gold goes up then the price of the gold ETF also goes up and vice versa. There is no other factor that impacts the price of Gold ETF other than the price of physical gold. The largest gold ETF in India, GOLDBEES, operates at a fraction of 1 gram of gold.

An investor should prefer an ETF with minimum tracking error. Exchange Traded Funds need to be checked based on the trading activity. Most of the ETFs trade heavily based on the changes in the benchmark, but some ETFs trade barely.

gold etfs to buy

The application process takes just a few minutes and can be done online through an entirely paperless mode. Gold ETFs come with no risk and are not required to be stored. Understand the benefits and cost of investing in Gold ETFs viz-a-viz Gold Bars or Gold Jewelry. However, gold has always been regarded as a potent investment in terms of uncertainty. Investors may deal with gold price fluctuations daily or even hourly. Despite the fluctuating price of gold in the national and international market, investors still regard gold as a safer asset than most bonds and stocks.

gold etfs to buy

Open a Demat account with Angel One and invest in a range of investment products. The fund aims to provide returns that closely follow the returns earned by gold in the domestic market. The scheme’s performance differs from gold in the domestic market due to expenses and other related factors. Gold ETFs are treated as collectibles and taxed similar to that of the physical gold. Though gold ETFs are traded on exchange, these are considered as non-equity investments for taxation purpose. No wealth tax and value added taxes are levied on gold ETFs.

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