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How to Turn Google Ads with No Impressions into High-Performing PPC Campaigns

There are few things more frustrating in the PPC world than spending hours or even days building out a new Google Ads campaign, only to get no (or very few) impressions on your ads. While Google ads with no impressions can feel discouraging, they don’t always signal a problem — and when they do, a simple fix often boosts impressions and sends campaigns off to the races.
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How to Lower CPC on Google Ads: 3 Key Strategies Based on Competitor Analysis

If you’re running PPC advertising on Google Ads (Google Adwords), lowering your cost-per-click (CPC) is likely to be a constant ambition. Naturally, efficient campaigns generate a better ROI, and this can maximize your profits or enable you to scale advertising efforts to new heights. So, rather than setting-and-forgetting your Google Ad campaigns, it’s vital to tweak your setup to achieve lower CPCs.
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Pro PPC Tip: How Listening to Phone Recordings Can Increase Your PPC Conversion Rate

Search engine marketers should take this Ernest Hemingway quote to heart. There's so much attention to detail in analyzing the data of a pay-per-click campaign, yet most PPC experts never listen to what potential customers have to say. If you have a trackable phone number with call recording features tied into your PPC campaign, you can drastically improve your conversion rate by just listening.
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Are You Taking Full Advantage of AdWords Callout Extensions?

  In September of 2014, Google introduced call-out extensions to make it easier to highlight key information about your product or service in order to help your ads stand out. This includes things like free shipping, a price match guarantee, or anything else that makes your product or service special, as evidenced in the screenshot seen below.
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How to Create an Effective Weekly PPC Workflow [Interview]

  We recently interviewed J.C. Hewitt of Hagbard Group to learn more about his PPC workflow and how he creates an effective weekly schedule that helps him consistently optimize accounts to perform better. We learned a lot from the interview and hope you will too. By reading the interview, you'll learn:
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Google Call Tracking Interview with Anthony Nichols from Ethology

Anthony Nichols is a paid media analyst for Ethology and works directly with both client and account teams on all items related to paid search, display media, and retargeting. He has four years experience working with national brands like AAA, Culligan, and American Signature Inc. When Google call tracking first came out, Ethology was selected as a beta tester which means they've been using it for several months now. We decided to talk with Anthony about their experience to learn more about the lessons they've learned.
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5 Easy Ways to Boost CTR for AdWords Ads

It’s a well-known fact that the click through rate (CTR) for PPC ads is a big factor when it comes to quality score optimization because CTR is a key measurement Google uses to evaluate the continuity between keywords and ads. Basically, it speaks to how many people are actually listening to your offer versus how many are totally ignoring you.
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5 Easy Ways to Sabotage Your AdWords Campaign

I’ll be the first to admit AdWords can be frustrating. REALLY frustrating. And with all the new features, settings and updates Google’s constantly rolling out, it ain’t getting any easier! Yet, time and time again, I see AdWords advertisers making the same fairly basic mistakes in their campaigns that totally sabotage their efforts.
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How to Transform Your AdWords Performance with SKAGs

With so many do-it-yourself PPC blogs and resources out there on the web, it’s easy to be overwhelmed and even worse, paralyzed, by all the ideas you “should” be using. Some people say that the more time you spend inside your PPC account, the better. If that were true, then something like “going-through-the-motions” or “changing bids” would be a clear cut winner to explain why your competitors are doing better than you.
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