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The Secret to Wildly Successful Google Local Ads

Perfecting local PPC campaigns with Google Ads is the biggest challenge in search engine marketing (SEM). It’s true whether you’re multi-million dollar agency managing ad campaigns for a nationwide health insurance company or an independent hair salon opening your second shop on the other side of town.
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What Are Your Marketing Goals for 2016?

We're curious to know what your marketing goals are for 2016. Our goal is for 2016 to be our best year yet, so we've been carefully outlining our plan for the upcoming year. We've also updated our product by releasing an entirely new UI and User Journey Reports, a completely unique feature that no other competitive intelligence tool offers. As you can see in the screenshot below, the User Journey Report shows keywords, ads, and landing pages side by side so you can see exactly how your competitors are converting their traffic.
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Announcing Ad Copy A/B Test Monitoring for PPC Campaigns

  A little over a week ago we announced our new competitor A/B test monitoring. With competitor A/B test monitoring, you can find out when your competitors start an A/B test and when they select a winner. Here's a screenshot of what this looks like with an example A/B test by
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Introducing Our NEW PPC Landing Page Design Gallery

  We’re really excited to announce our new PPC landing page design gallery that we completed just last week. It includes hundreds of landing page examples from PPC campaigns across 15+ different industries. All of the pages were gathered with our new Campaign Watch landing page surveillance feature and are saved and categorized for easy review and analysis.
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