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Dropbox vs ShareFile: Who has the best landing pages in the online file sharing space?

Your landing pages are the moneymakers in your PPC campaigns. Or at least they should be. They’re the deal-closers. The sweet-talkers. Your online, 24-hour digital sales force. Even if your PPC ads are driving high-value traffic, you’re wasting money on every click if your landing pages don't convert that traffic into free trials, paid users, or revenue-generating leads High-converting landing page ideas come from many places-- client interviews, customer feedback, your marketing team, and your competitors.   At iSpionage, we’re big fans of that last one. 
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4 Reasons Why You Should Be Monitoring Competitor PPC Landing Pages

Here at iSpionage we recently released a new product—Campaign Monitor—that makes it easier to manage and monitor Enterprise-level PPC campaigns. More specifically, it saves screenshots of competitor landing page (among other things) and sends daily alerts whenever competitors add new ad copy, keywords, and landing pages. We think it’s pretty slick, especially when it comes to saving screenshots of your competitors’ PPC pages.
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