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Is Your Website Design Killing Conversions?

A beautifully designed website can create a professional experience that puts you far above your competition because your website design is the foundation of how your business is perceived online. Many businesses along with their web designers put a great deal of focus on how they can best utilize the space they're given to maximize their marketing message and to increase visitor engagement in order to pull prospects deeper into their website.
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The One Mistake That’s Causing Your Conversion Rate to Flatline (and How to Fix It Right Now!)

When it comes to conversion rate optimization, you may feel like you’ve got the basics nailed down. You’ve got your landing pages set up, and your offer is irresistible. You’ve got an unbeatable USP, and you feel like nothing can stop you. You’ve even honed in on precisely what your customers want and have tailored your pages to match their language by having them describe what your product does and how it works, rather than filling your site with corporate tech-speak and buzzwords.
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4 Smart Ways to Boost Perceived Value on Your Website

Have you put some serious thought into how people perceive doing business with you while visiting your website? I mean, it really comes down to perception, doesn't it? Not to mention, your website is the first impression people have of your company when you do business online.
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How Well Does Your Website Engage Visitors?

When you were creating your website, were you more focused on the look and feel or did you focus on visitor engagement? Design is usually the first focus when it comes to creating business websites and building an online presence. That's unfortunate because the main goal should be to get visitors to engage with your site. Your website is a fully automated marketing machine that is out there doing all the work for you.
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How to Use Exit Intent Technology to Convert Abandoning Visitors into Customers

According to Baymard Institute an average of 65% of all shopping carts are abandoned without online shoppers ever completing their transaction. It’s also believed that overall website abandonment is right around 70%-90%. Visitor abandonment is one of the most frustrating obstacles for online merchants. Businesses spend a great deal of time and money building their online presence and bringing in traffic. In fact, the trend of spending more on online marketing continues to rise. This makes it even more discouraging to know that you’ve peaked visitor interest, paid to get them to your site, and persuaded them to add an item to their cart—only to have the cart abandoned and to never hear from the visitor again.
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Two Easy A/B Tests Every Business Should Run

A/B tests are a great way for businesses to squeeze more profits from their site. Small tweaks here and there can improve the customer experience and optimize messaging in a way that has a big impact. This post covers two easy A/B tests every business should run, and both are perfect for beginners and veterans alike.
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