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Founder Interview: How One Digital Agency is Adapting to the Crisis and Economic Downturn

“When times are difficult, it's vital to be human, transparent, and flexible with your clients. Take time to listen — and be truly empathetic. Then can you figure things out together and support each other as partners who are in the same boat.” This was one point made by Alex Minchin, Founder and Managing Director of Zest Digital, in our recent conversation about how agencies can respond to a sudden economic downturn.
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The Secret to Wildly Successful Google Local Ads

Perfecting local PPC campaigns with Google Ads is the biggest challenge in search engine marketing (SEM). It’s true whether you’re multi-million dollar agency managing ad campaigns for a nationwide health insurance company or an independent hair salon opening your second shop on the other side of town.
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Which Presidential Candidate Is Winning the Digital Marketing Battle?

At this point, it's a little early to tell which presidential candidate is winning the digital marketing battle because campaign marketing teams are keeping their cards close to their chest. But one thing we do know is that digital marketing, and A/B testing specifically, can have a big impact on presidential campaigns.
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