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How to Land More PPC Clients with iSpionage Competitor Reports

The name of the game for PPC agencies is leads. Everyone's fighting to get more leads because more leads means more customers and more customers means more revenue. But landing clients is another important part of the equation because the higher your close rate, the fewer leads you need to make more money. The good news is that iSpionage has a feature that PPC agencies (and consultants) can use to land more clients. Let's talk about that now.
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Competitive Analysis Workflow

The start of any successful search marketing campaign begins with solid research. That research includes identifying the best search terms for your website, implementing the right analytics tools, learning about your target market, and most importantly, compiling initial competitive analysis data. Competitive analysis data will tell you exactly which companies are leading in your industry, why they are leading, and how they have managed to steal the spotlight. Gathering this competitive analysis information is vital if you want to construct your campaign in a way that both generates proven results, and differentiates your website from others.
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WEBINAR: 10 Spying Strategies To Generate More Profit

Are you looking to get ahead of your competition and to understand their strategy so you can make more money? Presenters from iSpionage and WhatRunsWhere will be on hand to help. Date: Wednesday, May 7 at 2pm EST / 11am PST Tune in to this FREE WEBINAR and you will learn:
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iSpionage keyword research tool.

The iSpionage keyword research tool has two distinct features:  “Relevant keywords” generator – to generate keywords that are relevant to your existing keywords  Competitors’ keywords finder – to let you know which keywords your competitors are using. I wrote this tutorial in order to help you understand how to best utilize each of these tools.
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How to find a profitable niche using iSpionage

First of all let’s look at the normal approach affiliates use to find a niche: Find a potential offer to promote Do market research for the product (basic keyword research, competitive analysis, etc) Start a direct linking PPC campaign If profitable, create your own landing page, and crank up the campaign.
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