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What is the Best SpyFu Alternative?

SpyFu is a popular tool for SEO and PPC competitor research, but many people are searching for an alternative. Why? Maybe you want to test a tool with a free trial (or a limited free account), or perhaps you’re looking for deeper insights — including what landing pages competitors are using for each ad or keyword or how long they’ve been bidding on a particular keyword. Maybe you’re simply looking for a fresh perspective on competitor data.
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7 Tips for Selecting the Right KPI’s for Your Search Marketing Campaign

Although your ultimate goal is to increase conversions and revenue, there are many factors that take place before and after these goals. KPI’s (key performance indicators) are the measures that are happening behind the scenes to aid in increasing conversions and revenue. When you watch a movie, you're merely seeing the 1.5-3 hour finished project, but there is so much more happening behind the scenes (writing, acting, producing, casting, etc.) that goes into making that movie a success.
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