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Competitive Intelligence Tools for Your Marketing Technology Stack

Lots of articles out there will give you an exhaustive list of competitive intelligence tools — 50 or more. But this just adds to the noise and confusion, and doesn’t help you navigate the vast marketing technology landscape. Instead, we’ve chosen to curate a lineup of our favorite competitive intelligence tools for a marketer’s stack. That is, for each use case or purpose, we’ve listed the one tool we recommend, discuss why, and dive into their unique features.
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A Valuable Marketing Lesson You Can Learn from President Obama

President Obama is a brilliant marketer. Whether or not you agree with his policies, he knows what he’s doing when it comes to marketing and PR. That much is for sure. Here’s an example: Have you ever noticed that he tends to comment on all of the latest big news stories? Whether it be to discuss his bracket for March Madness or to make a comment about a trending story like Michael Sam being the first openly gay player in the NFL, he’s very adept at inserting himself into the social conversation. Very adept.
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