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Converting Google AdWords Vistors into Customers

Alright guys... As I told the pre-release people in my email, we ran a brief interview with Paul Custer, a PPC expert with RevUpNet. You can hear how his advice actually changed how I run PPC campaign management. So please go ahead and check it out below! By the way, if you like this video, we're recording a follow-up interview with Paul this afternoon. However, we're only making the follow-up content available to iSpionage users.
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Keyword Hell!

Did you ever buy into a craze, only to pay for it later? I did. Today, I'm talking about the 1,438 long-tail keywords that I researched in Google Analytics (you know – for performance) AND pushed into AdWords through AdWords Editor. If done right, long-tail keywords are fantastic.
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Your Most Important Customer is…

Google Actually let me rephrase that - Google SHOULD BE your #1 pay-per-click (PPC) customer. When advertisers & business owners (i.e. you & me) start running AdWords, it is in our best interest to embrace what Google wants. And just like our favorite customers, once we know their likes and dislikes, we find that they WANT TO reward us by driving campaign costs down and conversion rates (i.e. revenue) up.
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What Google AdWords Users Want

I recently left a large company where I wrote Marketing Requirement Documents (MRDs) in Marketeeze. As I'm sure you know, Marketeeze is a language invented by a marketer's cabal to give engineers one more problem to figure out. The reason I'm joking about this (but not really) is because the next part is a bit embarrassing… I want to share what I've learned in my years of running PPC programs… in conversational English. Though it sounds silly, it's an effort to type stuff up without using phrases like gap-analysis, long-tail keywords and 'holistically looking at our analytic dashboards to extrapolate a psychographic micro-strategy.' I wish as was making this up.
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