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7 of the Hottest PPC Marketing Articles from This Week

Keeping up with the latest PPC news each week is a challenge so once again we've come up with a list of some of the hottest PPC and AdWords related posts from the last week. The combined shares for this week's posts is 4,783. There were also some big updates this week like call conversion tracking and a change to the way exact and phase match keywords will be used in Google. These are big changes that every PPC marketing manager should be aware of.
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Top PPC News: 8 Hot Articles from the Last Two Weeks

Once again we're going to take a look at the top trending posts this week in PPC. Take some time to check out these posts to stay up-to-date on the world of PPC marketing. The posts range from best practices in PPC to what's trending in mobile. Enjoy! #1: Mastering the PPC Challenge: Break-even CPC and More
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