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Getting the Most out of Responsive Web Design: 8 Reasons to Make Sure Your Site Is Mobile Optimized

The mobile marketing gold rush boomed last year as smartphone usage swelled to landmark proportions. According to Pew Research, two in three Americans now own smartphones. Similarly, around the world in developed and developing countries, it’s almost impossible to find a household that doesn’t contain at least one smartphone user. With every passing day, the proliferation of mobile devices is making fixed home phone lines and internet connections a thing of the distant past.
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The #1 Rule for Choosing the Right Designer

I don't know about your experience, but I've found that choosing the right designer or design team isn't easy. Yet every digital marketer needs a good designer they can work with. Whether it's for web design, infographic design, or Facebook ad designs, we all need a designer (or two) who can create beautiful and effective materials to support our outbound and inbound marketing efforts. But again, selecting the right designer isn't easy.
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The Biggest Web Design Mistake Most People Make

Before I start talking about the biggest web design mistake most people make, I need to mention that designing websites isn't easy. Everyone has an opinion on what looks the best. Designers have their take on what's best for your business. Owners have their view, and marketers provide another viewpoint. At the end of the day, it isn't easy to make everyone happy, and design by committee is never a good idea. 
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