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Competitor Alert Update – Going back in time to see trends

I just wanted to make everyone aware of a feature within iSpionage that can be useful to businesses with seasonal promotions. If you haven’t setup a competitor alert within iSpionage yet, it’s super simple and quickly yields interesting results. Here is a previous post on how to set them up.

Today though, let’s look at how to use the Competitor Alert feature within iSpionage a different way.

Let’s see how alerts can be used to discover the seasonal ad copy and search marketing strategies that your online competitors are using.

The bolded Last Publish dropdown is what I’d like you to consider today. Through the Competitor Alerts function, iSpionage also allows you explore the last 6 months on information about your competitor on a monthly basis. In the 1-800-Flowers example below, you can see so that you can also explore monthly changes.

Why is this useful?

Let’s say I’m a mom and pop flower shop competing with 1-800-Flowers for the lucrative holiday fruit basket market. It might be nice to head back to say…Decemberish and take a look-see what kinds of holiday fruit basket ads they were running. For so many businesses who run different promotional specials based on holidays or seasons, this feature can be a real gem. You can quickly review the ad copy, landing pages and keywords triggering their ads in December. Or head back to November if you like to see what Thanksgiving ads and offers they were running, or October for Halloween… You get the idea.

Another Way to Slice It

At the end of the day, Competitor Alerts simply provides you with a way to explore the data within the iSpionage system on a month by month basis. Use it to explore the evolving search marketing moves of your competitors. Even if you do not have a business that runs monthly or seasonal promotional campaigns, being able to step back in time month by month can yield interesting insights. Use Competitor Alerts to look up what they are up to, when, and apply the good ideas to your own business and search marketing efforts.


Chris Sparks, iSpionage Director of Marketing
Chris Sparks, iSpionage Director of Marketing
Chris is an online marketing and content strategist here at iSpionage building awareness and engagement within our target markets. Connect with Chris or on Twitter.