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How to Create An Effective Content Marketing Strategy

You’ve likely heard the buzzwords – they not only create an aura of untraversed creativity but also open up avenues for discussion. Just think how often you hear terms like cloud computing, big data, and responsive web design, etc. The latest to join the bandwagon is ‘Content Marketing Strategy’.

It refers to the power of content and understanding of how you can create appropriate content strategy and market it for attracting the right kind of attention. One of the fundamentals of content marketing strategies is that it should initiate a ‘two-way conversation’. Not only should your content be shareable, but should trigger discussions and encourage followers to comment.

Aug’13: Just look at the staggering number of search results ‘content marketing’ fetches. It indeed is creating a buzz!
Aug’13: Just look at the staggering number of search results ‘content marketing’ fetches. It indeed is creating a buzz!

The basic strategy of content marketing requires you to have a clear vision of your business objective. This will help you create viable web content strategies for engaging both your target customers as well as search engines – helping you generate better ROI by improving search engine rankings and ultimately the all important sales.

Why is Content Marketing Strategy in Business a Necessity Nowadays?

A survey in eMarketer™ has revealed that in 2013, USD 118.4 billion is expected to be spent by businesses worldwide on content marketing, video marketing and social media. This sets the mood of the business as marketers are known to spend over 25% of their marketing budget on content marketing. The essence of online businesses nowadays is to generate maximum web visibility and garner online reputation in the process. One of the basic rules is to provide your customers enough quality content for them to talk about and engage with.

If your business already enjoys a web presence along with a successful social media following, then your business is already benefiting from brand visibility; so concentrate mainly on becoming a realistic part of those prevailing conversations. For these businesses, it is best to ‘go with the flow’ rather than being over-enthusiastic and trying to be overtly visible by flooding your customers with too much information.

Empower your Web presence & Social media following with Content Marketing Strategy for enhancing Brand Visibility.
Empower your Web presence & Social media following with Content Marketing Strategy for enhancing Brand Visibility.

On the other hand, an entirely different approach to content marketing strategy is applicable for relatively ‘new’ businesses trying to build a web/social media presence. Since the social media buzz in this small ‘yet to be branded’ business is almost non-existent, it makes social listening and resourceful engagement a far more difficult proposition – as there are hardly any content to listen or respond to.

This is when content marketing strategy plays a vital role. Because, when people are not talking about you, it is important to CREATE content that gets them talking.

How to Create Effective Content Marketing Strategy for your Business

Content marketing strategy is the invincible connection that spurs the demand between brand awareness and lead generation. However, that calls for a lot of precision planning and focused implementation as its purpose is essentially not to sell, but to create awareness about your brand or business and create informed customers – gradually leading them into the selling process.

Aug’13: Just look at the staggering number of search results ‘content marketing’ fetches. It indeed is creating a buzz!
Aug’13: Just look at the staggering number of search results ‘content marketing’ fetches. It indeed is creating a buzz!

One of the effective content marketing strategies successfully implemented by businesses worldwide involves building an editorial calendar. This again calls for a greater understanding of your target audience and their preferences. Know what would your audience like – blog posts, podcasts, whitepapers, e-books, infographics, case studies, or presentations – and create your content marketing strategy accordingly.

Proven Techniques for Creating Effective Content Marketing Strategies

Maintain Content Consistency

Maintaining content consistency across multiple platforms is the golden rule of effective content marketing strategy. Make sure that your content marketing strategy is aligned to the business and marketing goals of your company. For instance, if your content marketing goal is ‘brand awareness’, then your content marketing strategy should be to create informed customers. On the other hand, if your content marketing goal is focused on revenue generation, then your strategy should be to create ways and opportunities to generate leads and drive revenue.

Crucial Role of Influencers

With the changing scenario in content marketing (thanks to stringent Google updates), influencers play a crucial role in the creation of content marketing strategies. The better your content is written, presented and shared with your customers, the more it improves your credibility to place yourself as a foremost subject matter expert and a social media influencer.

The latest technique followed in content marketing involves ‘creating useful content not hard selling your products or services; but informing customers to establish one’s expertise with your specific industry main issues’.

Content Representation: Effective content marketing strategies for Business Branding (At a Glance)
Content Representation: Effective content marketing strategies for Business Branding (At a Glance)

Building Brand Awareness

Quality content is now considered the most powerful and sustainable tool in building relationships and brand awareness. Gone are the days, when sales were driven by bombarding customers with direct mail. Rather, an interesting product video for instance with quality content are marketed nowadays, which can prove to be a better conversion and sales tool.

Initiate Customer Engagement

Customer engagement play a crucial role in content marketing strategies, because your job as an influencer does not end by just driving traffic into your business website and create a following. You have to ensure they stay informed throughout the selling process. Focus on creating effective content as part of your marketing strategy that, besides influencing their buying decision, will work towards informing them to achieve their own goals.

Cross-Selling Content Is Key

Once you are able to create credibility as an online influencer and have successfully managed to attract quality traffic to your website, your next step is to cross-sell content by generating leads and engaging them using informative articles, creative infographics, blog posts, videos, etc. with an appropriate and attractive call-to-action.

Implement Content Marketing Strategy: Improve Your Business Bottom-line

Once you have successfully created an effective Content Marketing Strategy, the next stage involves careful implementation of these strategies into your content marketing plan.

Adhere to Brand Loyalty

One of the rules of thump to successful a content marketing strategy is to stay professional and focused on your area of interest. You must be tempted to wander away from your area of interest and brand, to share content on other industries or platforms. Avoid being a ‘Jack of all trades’, because the people who acknowledge your knowledge about a certain industry or respect your brand loyalty consider you as the conduit to related information and look forward to quality inputs and relevant information from you.

Content Collaboration

Content marketing strategy calls for creating quality content regularly and keeping your audience/customers informed about your product or the latest happening in the industry. However, this can indeed be a stressful proposition sometimes considering the fact that you really run short of content ideas and time as well.

You may alternatively, seek content collaboration from dedicated content professionals in your organization, or even hire services of complimentary service providers for YouTube videos or eBooks in order to increase your output and reach a larger potential customer base.

Schedule An Editorial Calendar

Content marketing strategy is about nurturing customer relationships, and can be harnessed at its best if you can schedule an editorial calendar for your content postings. Consistency in your content postings builds your authorship credibility and enhances brand loyalty besides improving business bottom-line.

Keep it Going

Like any other golden rule to success, content marketing strategy too demands consistent involvement and dedication to create and share content regularly with your target audience/customers. Digital content marketing success cannot be reaped overnight.

Take care to not deprive your readers from their regular dose of content feeds they have been enjoying. This is important to ensure customer engagement, improve brand loyalty and enhance your list of satisfied clientele.

Synopsis: Content Marketing Strategy is the New Business Branding

Content marketing strategy is now piped as the next business branding tool on the block. You can effectively leverage the full potential of this marketing strategy to attract, acquire, and engage targeted customers to drive sales and improve business ROI.

This calls for an in-depth understanding of your target market, where the strategy involves not hard-selling your business, but building an online reputation by creating a host of informed potential customers.

Developing a good content marketing strategy can play a pivotal role in creating brand awareness for your business by regularly providing superior-quality, valuable and relevant content. Not only does it help in establishing enduring, trusted relationships with clients and potential customers, but also drives SEO results in addition to improving brand positioning.


Ellis McGrath is a Digital Marketing Strategist at VITEB – a leading web & mobile application Development Company with proven expertise in enterprise application development, PHP Development and Magento Development in India. Ellis has in-depth knowledge about content marketing and social media marketing; and likes to keep himself updated on the latest in web trends and web usability. You can easily reach out to them through Facebook & Google+.