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eCommerce Site Optimization Tips

ecommerce-postWhat does a typical eCommerce site’s page look like? Naively written tag lines, often unoriginal copy, tons of duplicate content and a product catalogue that is arduous to read. It’s a combination of all these reasons that many eCommerce websites fail to rank higher in the major search engines. Their content is often not given priority by the search engines.

So, what do you really need to get your eCommerce site rank higher? To begin with, you need to optimize the content in a way that you get rid of all the afore-mentioned issues and inject some seriously original and catchy content.

The cobwebs need to be removed so that you do not encounter any pitfalls while hoping that your eCommerce site’s search engine performance does not suffer the way it has been suffering and it begins to be recognized by the search engines to a greater degree.

Quality and Unique Content

Google algorithms pay utmost importance to quality content – and this is something you might have heard a zillion times before as well. But have you have adopted it? What Google aims to do is to give its users a quality search experience by returning only the best results for their inputted queries which will prove valuable to them. If what is returned are web pages that are spin offs of each other, Google’s users aren’t going to be satisfied.

So, get some good quality writers to write quality, unique content for your website. You can also facilitate user-generated content that would mean that users can write reviews about certain offerings by you, upload photos and videos’ etc. Google loves user generated content and if you mange to add a lot of it on your site, good results will follow suit.

Don’t Load Up The Home Page

When you go to a store in your neighborhood, they don’t display every single item at the front end. In fact, there are different categories for different items. The same goes for your website. Just put some of them items you deem are hotly pursued by the customers on the home page and for the rest, put links in the form of categories. Also, since you have space on the landing page, you can write some welcoming content about your brand and include keywords in that piece of content cleverly.

Use Google Adwords Intelligently

Google Adwords are surely a great way to get some clicks and turn those clicks into customers. However, in order to accomplish that in the right manner, you need to create ads on the right set of keywords. It is not necessary that the keywords you feel are perfect for ads on are indeed the perfect keywords for your website. I suggest using the keyword planner tool of Google or choose keywords in discussion with the Google Adwords team if you want the Adwords to return the best results for you. Research tools like those iSpionage offers are also helpful when planning and tracking keyword results.

Use Some of Google’s Other Products

Well, for ranking high in Google, you need to resort to the Google products that are in huge numbers out there.
Most of the site managers aren’t even aware that these exist. So you have the Google Merchant Center, where as the site owner, you can upload the feeds for your product so that it is easily searchable in Google product searches.

Get Your Presence Felt on Social Media

Social media’s significance can’t be underestimated. Whether you are running an article driven website or an eCommerce website, you need to be active on social media. Get your eCommerce’s portal pages made on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. The pages should have all the relevant information about your company and its line of offerings to customers. And you can further promote these pages to ensure that you get traffic on your site through them. Now, not only can these pages give you more traffic, but search engines recognize them and create a better traction for your site.You can also join various relevant groups and forums through social media and find appropriate areas to promote or chat about your products so that they are visible to a larger set of customers.

Create a Blog Site on the Same Domain

As mentioned before, quality content is important and you would want to publish often. But do do you do that on an eCommerce site? Well, you start a blog and get to writing. A professional blog that is very relevant to your audience can really pour in good amount of traffic and help search engines find your website easily. When you have certain keywords in your blog that also get repeated occasionally, you are telling search engines that you represent serious business for the keywords that are being searched by users. Make it absolutely certain that you do not write fluff on the blog site. It should be filled with good quality, very relevant content in order to intrigue readers.


Adopting best practices to get more eyeballs through Google is what matters the most. So get your strategies in order and let Google direct traffic to your eCommerce site in greater measure.


Guest Author Peter Milar
Guest Author Peter Milar
Peter Milar is a prolific writer who works for Xicom Technologies Ltd. Here Peter applies both his development and creative writing skills.