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Five Ways to Use Google+ for Business

Google+ has recently become the second largest social networking site, making it a platform business needs to consider using to stay competitive. However, Google+ is more than just another social network. There are many ways that businesses can leverage this platform.

Here are five quick tips on different ways Google+ can be used to help your business.

#1: Set Up and Update Your Local Business Information and Listing

With Google+, you can set up your local business information such as your telephone, name and address. You can also use it to update and manage your information if you have already your information in Google’s search results. Setting up a Google+ local page will also help you get listed for local search queries.

#2: Set Up Authorship for Your Business

Setting up authorship with your Google+ account will ensure that the content you create is attributed to you. That means that the domain that you have authorship connected with will be given more weight than other sites that are using the content. Authorship will also help you get more visibility in the search engine results with authorship markup in the form of a profile picture.

#3: Get More Search Engine Traffic

You can also leverage Google+ to get more search engine traffic. For example, people that have followed your Google+ page will get your content shown on their Google search results if the content is relevant to their search query. There are even rumors of Google using +1’s as a social signal that contribute to rankings and Google giving more weight to Google+ authors in the search results.

#4: Reach a New Audience

Because Google+ is one of the largest social networks online, marketing your Google+ and building followers will extend the reach of your business to a new audience. Google+ has many of the same features designed to connect with people that you find in Facebook. The list includes being able to make regular posts, chatting with your network, and checking into locations. Google+ will also integrate with future Google applications that can help your business, so it is definitely an network you should take advantage of.

#5: Network with Other Business Owners

Some of the best features of Google+ include the ability to go beyond your initial network and also manage/categorize your contacts through what’s called circles. This makes it easy to reach out to potential businesses to collaborate with and also keeps your contacts organized so that you can easily spark up relevant conversations.


Guest Blogger Angela Prickette
Angela is a recent college graduate working as a freelance writer for companies like Bell Canada helping to promote phone lines, wireless internet solutions, and other Bell offerings. Her favorite activities include photography, skiing, rock climbing, and personal fitness. You can connect with Angela .