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Getting the Most from your PPC Keywords: Peel and Stick

Perry Marshall, Internet Marketing and Google AdWords expert, includes a chapter in his book The Definitive Guide to Google AdWords (a must-read for any PPC campaign manager), about the keyword finessing technique he calls “Peel and Stick.” This methodology is a great way to narrow your keywords down to individual, high-performing ad groups and improve your overall performance.

Ads that are Adhesive

The peel and stick method of keyword separation and deployment is an elegant way to determine which keywords are going to give you the best results, and then separate those keywords into separate ad campaigns.  With data available, you can generally, but not always, determine which keywords will work well ahead of time.  However, sometimes, when you put several different keyword variations into a peel and stick test, you might be surprised at what comes out on top.  When you find those hardworking keywords from the large group, you can split them up and use them in individual ad groups.

Setting Up your Peel and Stick Prototype

  1. Write an ad that incorporates your main keyword and is specific to the service you hope to sell.
  2. Then, add other keyword variations that you would like to use for bidding to display this ad.
  3. For a week or so, wait and see how different keywords perform.
  4. Take the keywords with the highest CTR and move them into their own ad groups.
  5. Write an ad that incorporates the keyword in both the headline and the ad copy text.
  6. Your new groups may have only a few keywords in them.  As long as they are high performing, one or two keywords per ad is enough.

Because you cannot predict which words will perform the best, the peel and stick method is a good way to test keywords that you think will perform well, as well as those about which you are uncertain.

Better yet, you can test all of the data that you receive from iSpionage to make the most out of your investment. I have experience with what has worked or not worked for me, but I am continually learning from others for new ideas.  I look forward to hearing from you!