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Highlights of an Effective e-Commerce SEO Strategy

Red shopping basket signWhen it comes to maintaining an online business, search engine optimization is not a choice but a responsibility. The SEO landscape is susceptible to change with every new browser, plugin, tool, algorithmic update, etc. This necessitates the need to understand the market in which the company is functioning and the products it has to offer. And based on this understanding along with the collective knowledge of the online customers, an ecommerce SEO strategy should be drawn up.

Here are certain hints to start building up the strategy.

Think About SEO From the Beginning

When a business is planning to launch an ecommerce website, inculcating the crucial SEO attributes can be easily facilitated. The job requires working diligently on the URL, landing page, Meta tags, filters, search functions, etc. This helps in building a healthy foundation on which the later developments can stands soundly.

When the SEO is not intricately integrated with the basic elements of the ecommerce website, problems can start surfacing when search engine have already already crawled and indexed the pages. In many cases, the internal pages are competing against themselves for the same keywords. Product catalogues are already imported, and there one faces the issue of duplicate content. If you start late when the website is already live and traffic has already started rolling in, it is often difficult to correct the situation.

Focus on the Long Term

long-termSEO is never a short term goal or strategy. A good deal of time is required to familiarize yourself with the target customer, the current marketing strategy of the company, and implement SEO accordingly. It include presenting your target audience with the best designs and appropriate content that is well suited for every important aspect of the business, product and target group.

Optimizing for a search engine is not like waving a magic wand and all is optimized. To attract more visitors and achieve more conversions, focusing on SEO consistently is the key.

Tackle Issues Pertaining Duplicate Content

Suplicate-content-penaltyFacing a search rank penalty is the ultimate consequence of this issue. Before this, there are many other severe loopholes that can impact the smooth functioning of the website. Moreover, your credibility also takes a hit when content is duplicated. Duplication, like using same content on banners, campaigns, etc., is a poor content planning approach and SEO issues become multiplied and disrupt the structure of information and the website.

Proper coding of robot.txt files, implementing advance filters effectively, etc. are among the priorities to provide address such problems.

Track e-Commerce

Google Analytics logoHigh traffic is only good when some percentage of it also gets converted into sales. Without conversions, all the efforts of making the business and websites better would be meaningless – and we don’t want that. Google Analytics is among the best available tools to track the visitors and their activities. It help in seen the result in currency rather than just page-views. Moreover, the analysis also highlights the problem areas that need more attention.

All the above aspects always top the worksheet of an SEO expert, but one should keep on working hard in smaller bits. This way all the areas get proper attention and work load remains manageable. With the progress the SEO landscape is witnessing, there would be more concerns and more opportunity to make ecommerce as profitable as possible!


Udit Khanna is a professional author and a blogger. He is a native Indian and enjoys his time in writing quality blogs. He’s been writing a variety of articles on Professional and Advanced Digital Marketing Training Courses in Delhi, India and expert internet marketing training lately. For more background information on him, please view his profile on Google+.