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How to find Prospects for your PPC Management Service using iSpionage

iSpionage tracks and monitors keywords of your choice in Google, Yahoo and MSN.  Through this tracking, you’ll find the strongest and most dominant advertisers in the niche you’re watching, as well as those who have weak campaigns. With this information, you can find “hot” prospects to contact.

For example:
You’re watching the “cell phone provider” niche, and you want to attract new clients from this niche.

Step 1.

Create a project with the set of keywords you want to monitor. For this example, I selected 100 keywords related to the “Cell phones” niche to monitor


Step 2.

After a few days of monitoring you will see the big picture in the niche you are monitoring.  You will be able to tell who the dominant advertisers are, and which advertisers might be potential new customers for you.  (Who needs help.)

Here are the strong advertisers in the cell phone niche (as of this writing):





From the picture above you can see that the usual suspects such as AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint are the dominant advertisers. They advertise on many of the keywords in the list, and they also advertise on Google, Yahoo and MSN. These advertisers will be on Page 1 of the “Advertiser Tracking Summary” page.

On subsequent pages, on page 3 for example, you’ll find advertisers that don’t have strong PPC campaigns, thus, they might be interested in your services to improve their campaigns.




From the picture above, you can see that and only advertise with five of the 100 most common keywords for the “cell phone provider” niche.  Additionally, they only run their campaign on Google.

Step 3.

Once you know which are the low-performing sites in the niche, you can visit the websites and learn more about the companies to determine if they may be receptive to learning about your service.

Here’s site:





Here’s the site:






These sites look professional, don’t they? The companies must have spent quite a few resources to develop them.

Do you think these companies could use more traffic to their sites?  Of course they could!

Step 4.

Now that you have found your potential customers, do your due diligence before you approach them and build a case for why they need to hire you to run their PPC campaigns.

iSpionage provides you with detailed information about their existing campaign.
Below is Tel3advantage’s campaign:




 Ad copies and landing pages:


You now have data tailored to your prospect that you can integrate into your presentation for them.

You will impress your prospect with your deep knowledge and understanding of their industry, the competitive landscape, and the information you have about their specific campaign.

Read the tutorial below to build a solid case that will convert your prospect to a customer.  We show you a strategy to build a proposal that your potential customers can’t refuse.

>> How to incorporate iSpionage intelligence data into your sales pitch