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How to Improve Results on Google in 2013

Today we are going to cover 3 ‘tricks’ that will improve results on Google for you in 2013. Our recent Competitive Analysis post spurred a few questions regarding author authority we thought it would be good to address with a bit more detail.

This year, we are so far from outsourced content, auto-blogging and directory link blasts. Your SEO game needs to be smarter, quicker and more responsive.

Think: Lebron James.

There are plenty of trivial things that you can change on your site, but let’s focus on some changes that will improve results on Google in 2013. Always use the 80/20 rule – what is the 20% that I need to implement to give me 80% of the results?

Embrace Google Authorship

Google has ruffled a few feathers over the last year. The pay-to-play model of Google Shopping, campaigns like Bing’s “Scroogled,” and the growing “Not Provided” issue were recent Google PR challenges. It does not matter, you have to embrace them. They’re still the kings of search.

Google is leveraging its unique position by highlighting its Google+ social media platform within search results. It’s good to be the king!

This is where Google authorship comes into play. It is not an option anymore, get on G+, network with others, and add the Google authorship tag to your author bio. This article has a detailed description of the process.

Next, go to your G+ profile and link out to the blogs where you are a contributing author. Make sure your profile picture shows a picture of your face (logos, objects, etc won’t get indexed) and within a few days, your search results will include your author tag.

These will be vital for all bloggers, small businesses and copywriters in 2013. Google authorship is a must for any 2013 content market strategy. It might not be mainstream SEO at the moment, but it will be.

Build Your G+ Network

This goes hand in hand with authorship. When your article is indexed along with the authorship tag, it will also show your picture and the amount of people in your Google circles. Join a few G+ communities, network with other people and get your Google circle count above a few hundred people. This won’t necessarily help your rankings, but it provides credibility. It is your brand. If there are two articles and one author has 50 people in their circles and the other author has over 700, which author appears to be more authoritative?

Become an authority and your search results will experience higher click-thru rates.

Google Places: Local Search

Local search will continue to blow up in 2013. Any geotargeted websites need to make a presence on Google places. Part of your strategy should be getting reviews. It is such a big deal, that dentists should have a laptop logged into Google Places at their receptionist desk with a sign saying, “Did you like our service? Leave a review!”. You get the point. Keep all your map data, address listings and citations up-to-date and accurate.

Local search is still in it’s infancy, so it is an opportunity to get easy online traffic. Take advantage of this, and optimize your Google Places content and profile so you dominate local search.


Chris Sparks, iSpionage Director of Marketing
Chris is an online marketing and content strategist here at iSpionage building awareness and engagement within our target markets.