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How To Use PPC Spy Tools To Find Millions Of Qualified Prospects

Pay per click (PPC) spy tools provide a wealth of information when it comes to learning what keywords and ads your competitors are running on a consistent basis.

This can dramatically cut down the keyword research time and help you create similar ads that are already proven to work for a particular market.

But what most marketers don’t understand is that these same tools can be used to harvest targeted domains and keywords for bidding on other traffic sources such as pay per view (PPV) traffic.

What is Pay Per View Advertising?

PPV traffic allows advertisers to bid on certain domains and keywords, which triggers a pop-up or pop-under advertisements. These pop-up advertisements appear when a user visits the right domains and has adware installed on their computer. PPV is a bit like CPM advertising – but much more targeted. Unlike PPC marketing where advertisers only pay when a user clicks on their ad, PPV advertisers pay on an impression basis.

So regardless of whether prospect takes any action, the PPV advertiser will be charged for the impression based on their bid price.

What makes PPV marketing dramatically different from PPC marketing that it is interruption marketing rather than permission marketing. Users are not actively looking for a solution to a problem when they view a PPV pop-up ad.

That is why landing pages created for PPV campaigns need to be eye-catching and compel the user to take action.

Below is an example of a PPV pop-up ad that appears when someone does a search for the keywords “Hawaii vacation” on a search engines.

Picture is property of Lead Impact. All rights reserved.

PPV Optimization

Adware companies such as and provide advertisers with an ad platform that allows them to target their users with advertisements. By leveraging the vast data collected by PPC spy tools, marketers can take advantage of qualified traffic where prospects are more likely to respond to their PPV pop-up advertisements.

Not only do they have a ready to use keyword list already researched out by their competitors, they can also tap into traffic that has already been prequalified.

Think about it for a moment.

There are major players who spend millions of dollars per month on PPC ads, banner ads, inline text ads and many other advertisements. By learning what domains they are sending all this qualified traffic to, PPV marketers can bid on these domains and see a better return on their PPV ad spend. Marketers can harvest massive lists of competitor domains and start siphoning these qualified prospects to their own offers.


The reason why this is the best traffic to buy is because anyone who is generally visiting these web sites has already been qualified through a text ad or banner ad on these PPV networks. They are already in the frame of mind that they are going to be pitched and will be more receptive to any related advertising.

One prime example is when fake blogs and articles were hugely popular years ago, there were many advertisers driving millions of people to these sites every month. Smart marketers compiled lists of all these fake blogs and fake news article sites and started PPV campaigns using these domains as targets.

The people who visit these types of web sites have already clicked on an advertisement so they have already been prequalified. Smart marketers simply picked up a similar offer that was being promoted on these sites and started generate a large amount of leads and sales every day.

Depending on your audience, PPV may not be suitable for your business and brand. But if it is, this is another great way to get your message in front of your prospects.


Guest Blogger Gauher Chaudhry
Gauher Chaudhry has been an online marketer for the last 16 years and specializes in paid traffic monetization. Visit his blog at for more information.