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Using Social Media & Video to Engage

Businesses of all sizes should consider establishing a presence on major social media channels as well as creating a video channel in order to improve their marketing and outreach efforts.

Social Media

The Wall Street Journal revealed that 32% of brands now have a dedicated customer service Twitter handle, but it’s incredibly important that businesses and organizations develop a strategy before delving in to the world of social media. The Guardian recently ran a story about how the Post Office clearly had no strategy when they set up a Twitter account. Customers were enquiring about packages and estimated arrival dates but the employee operating the Twitter account had no idea about this aspect of the business!

Therefore, it is highly recommend that a company conduct research in to what people are talking about on social media and tailor their strategy accordingly. One of the most successful Twitter handles regarding marketing and interaction is Innocent Drinks (@innocentdrinks) but most of their posts aren’t actually about the fruit juice and smoothies they sell across the UK.

They sporadically tweet a one line ‘#Dadjoke’ and also do weather updates with a comical twist. These two methods add a personal touch to their outreach, which users are more likely to interact with. Therefore when they post more promotional Tweets such as ‘Our juice is on special this week’, their Twitter following (who have found enjoyment in their casual feed) will be tempted by the offer, delivering social media return on investment.

Google+ may have been overlooked in its early stages as a social media channel, but recent developments should inspire companies and businesses to set up their account. This is because a Google+ page will appear in the right hand side of a Google search for brands and is displayed prominently. Placement is free and requires a small piece of coding to connect their page.


The popular Vine app which allows six second video clips to be posted and viewed by Twitter followers. Whilst still in it’s early stages, businesses could utilize this to summarize a service in a quick manner – six seconds watching a clip is obviously quicker than reading an article in six minutes.
Vine is amateur but shows the personal, more quirky side of a company. However, if you’re looking to portray a more professional image, YouTube is a far better channel than Vine. YouTube needs no explaining and is the second largest search engine in the world, behind Google. Therefore it’s well worth your while to produce videos – whether they detail new products or contain testimonials and reviews of services you have already offered. High quality videos will obviously reflect on a business better than a low-resolution video characterized by a shaky camera rather than its actual content. If video expertise isn’t on your resume, it may be worth hiring a company who can produce quality work for you.

With social media and video such a massive part of the consumer’s everyday life, it’s no wonder why more and more companies are utilizing them as part of their overall marketing campaign.


Guest author Billy Sexton is a creative consultant for The Fountain Partnership, a digital marketing agency in Norwich, UK. The Fountain Partnership helps a variety of clients with their digital marketing needs including Lambda, a video production company in Cambridge with a specialization in video marketing campaigns. Billy likes to write online content for digital audiences and loves to research new ideas, explore current events and write up his findings. You can connect up with Billy on Twitter.