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Improve Your SEO Ranking With Video

Great content is a fundamental part of SEO. Video content is the next big thing and you should consider video as an essential part of your strategy to improve your SEO ranking. If you’re a data driven marketer like me, check out this number from Forrester:

“On Google, videos are 50 times more likely to receive first page ranking than traditional web pages.”

How Optimizing Video Content Can Help Your SEO

    Sharing Video improves SEO value of sites: Social signals such as shares, likes, tweet and re-tweets does help with SEO both for videos and for content. Increasing the social relevance of videos is great for SEO. Sharing on social bookmarking sites like Stumbleupon, Digg etc further help acquiring backlinks to the video which helps increasing domain strength.
    Promote Engagement: A number of resources and stats indicate that people are far likely to engage and share with video than static content. (Brafton, Search Engine Journal, eMarketer) The more engagement, the better your page ranks. The higher your SEO ranking, the more people can find out about your page and engage with it.

How Can You Tell the Difference Between “Good” and “Bad” Video Content?

While there are many ways to create good video content, regarding SEO, your video content needs to be relevant, surprising, and positive. To illustrate these ideas, let’s look at some of the best:

Guardian: “Point of View”

Before reading on, make sure you watch this video. It’s a work of pure genius!

    Relevant: Everyone is concerned about their safety in public.
    Surprising: The supposed “thug” saved the man’s life.
    Positive: Feel good message about helping others and knowing what’s going on.

Apple: “1984”

    Relevant: As computers emerge, people are afraid that it would be used as a tool for control by big brother.
    Surprising: The hammer thrower destroyed Big Brother!
    Positive: It’s OK now. Big Brother is gone.

Finally, of course, it would be a a missed opportunity to mention viral video content without the original Harlem Shake video. The video kickstarted an Internet explosion, with a ridiculous number of spinoffs!

Harlem Shake

    Relevant: Sometimes you just want to DANCE but no one is down.
    Surprising: the Harlem Shake is one of the best examples on how surprise creates comedy.
    Positive: Everyone’s just having a great time being silly.

Other Tips on Improving SEO with Videos

    Title/Description of the Video: This is the most important aspect of Video SEO. Pay special attention to the set of keywords in the title.
    Tags: Add relevant keywords to the tag, minimize these to only the important and relevant keywords you’d want to rank for. Don’t over optimize this section.
    Transcript: Search engines cannot crawl video content, hence adding a section which transcribes the video is recommended.
    Links: Submitting videos to sites like Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and Metacafe can help with your back link strategy. Add a link within the description section of these videos to link back to relevant pages on your site.
    Sitemap: Submit video sitemaps to Google/Bing so that they can find and index all the videos on your site.
    Make it easy to share: Providing the tools for sharing is extremely important – include links to social sharing sites in a widget to make sure that a user has the option to share across any and every social media outlet – Twitter, Facebook, G+, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.
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Guest Blogger Rick Nguyen
Rick is cofounder of, a market research firm for data-driven advertisers to measure what makes their video content impactful. You can reach out to Rick simply by emailing him at: