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iSpionage keyword research tool.

The iSpionage keyword research tool has two distinct features:

  1.  “Relevant keywords” generator – to generate keywords that are relevant to your existing keywords
  2.  Competitors’ keywords finder – to let you know which keywords your competitors are using.

I wrote this tutorial in order to help you understand how to best utilize each of these tools.

Relevant keyword generator

One of the main challenges of running PPC campaigns is to come up with a list of relevant, long-tail keywords for your niche. Many tools out there will give you a long list of keywords, which at first glance is great, but then you need to spend a lot of time cleaning up and filtering out all the un-usable and irrelevant keywords.

iSpionage’s “Relevant keyword generator” recognizes your keywords and recommends ONLY the most relevant keywords in relation to your original keyword list.

For example, I created a project with one keyword, “acai berry.”  ISpionage recommends 22 keywords related to the main keyword “acai berry.”


Here’s the Related keywords:


You can see from above that the keywords generated by the “Related Keywords tool” are relevant to the original keyword, and do not contain lots of irrelevant words.

Look at the actionable knowledge this tool gives us as I added the relevant keywords back into the original list:


Do you see how the related keywords count grows as the number of keywords in your project increase?

Here’s an illustration of how it works:

Your original keywords are in Zone 1.

We will next look for keywords in Zone 2, keywords relevant to your list, but not too far off.

Zone 3 contains words that are not closely related enough for your project.

You can keep going until you have thousands of keywords from which to choose, if necessary.

But, you might want to be selective in adding keywords back into your original list, otherwise it will start recommending 3rd degree keywords that are relevant to those in Zone 2, but not as related to the keywords in  Zone 1. Thus, defeating the purpose to generate high quality and relevant keywords.

Keep in mind that structuring your keywords into small, tight ad groups plays a big role in your overall campaign success. The relevant keyword finder feature is built with that in mind.

If you would like to build a long list of useful keywords, the next section of the tutorial will explain how.

Competitors’ keywords finder

At the time of writing, iSpionage scans over 8 Million keywords used by more than 4 Million advertisers across different verticals. We are rapidly expanding that list.

We actively scan who advertises with those keywords once per month.

NOTE: Keep in mind that keywords that are in your account are monitored on daily basis. Keywords that are NOT in your account are scanned on monthly basis.

It’s a pretty simple keyword tool  to use.

First, you enter a keyword to find out who advertises with the keyword. See picture below:


Or, you can search based on the URL. See the picture below


You can sort the results by search engine to see which keywords the advertiser uses in Google, Yahoo and MSN.
This is very useful information!

Savvy PPC advertisers usually advertise in ALL three search engines at the same time ONLY when the following conditions are met:

  1. The keyword used is their main keywords.
  2. They’ve already run a successful and profitable campaign in Google for this keyword

How’s that helpful to you?

Well, if you know their profitable keywords, you can reverse engineer what they do in terms of ad copies, ads position, and landing pages. Study them carefully, and you’ll have a blueprint of your competitor’s profitable campaign that you can adapt to your own campaign.

The picture below shows you how easy it is to start tracking their keywords. A wealth of new information for you is just a few clicks away!


FREE custom keyword research

Now, what I’m about to show you is what differentiates iSpionage from all of the other keyword tools available.

I’m sure you’re aware that the internet is a HUGE place to be. There’s no one service provider that has all keywords in all niches. That includes us. Even though we have millions of keywords in our database, we still might miss some data.

But, here’s the deal.

If for we don’t have enough data on your competitors’ keywords, you can request data population, FREE of charge!


Click on the link, and a request form will appear.


When you submit the request, our research specialist will MANUALLY start digging your niche’s keywords. They are well-trained researchers… so you’re in good hands!

We will then enter the keywords found into our system that will scan the keywords and find all merchants advertising with them. If your competitors use PPC, we will catch them.  In 2-4 days we will email you to alert you that the data is ready and you can re-do your search.  You will get fresh-from-the-oven, actionable data!

If you go to an agency, they will charge you an arm and a leg for this service alone! With iSpionage, it’s included in your membership.

Because this service is time-consuming for us, I am not sure how long we will be able to offer it for free.  Therefore, I encourage you to take advantage of this service now!