The Complete Guide to PPC & SEO Competitive Intelligence

Learn How to Get the Most Out of Your iSpionage Account

Read through the tutorials below to learn how to get better PPC results with iSpionage competitive keyword research.

Tutorial #1:
How to lower CPC using Competitor Analysis

Learn the basics of how to use competitive keyword research to gain valuable, actionable insights that will help you lower cost per click, write better ads, and improve conversion rates.

Tutorial #2:
How to Beat Google Ads Competitors and Maximize Profits

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to find the most profitable keyword opportunities by spying on the keywords your competitors are bidding on that have a high search volume and low CPC.

Tutorial #3:
How to Use Competitor Alerts to Automate Your Research

This tutorial teaches you how to use iSpionage Competitor Alerts to stay ahead of your competition. Competitor Alerts deliver a weekly update of your competitor’s latest ad copy and keywords right to your inbox.

Tutorial #4:
How to Use the Ad Effectiveness Index (AEI) to Improve PPC Click Through Rates

Learn how to use iSpionage’s proprietary Ad Effectiveness Index (AEI) to improve click through rates for your PPC ad copy.


Tutorial #5:
How to Improve Your Organic Search Traffic

The key to maximum return on your SEO effort is knowing which keywords are worth your time. Learn how to find long-tail keywords for SEO campaigns using iSpionage.

Tutorial #6:

Pro Tip: Find SEO content ideas in 60 seconds

Are you struggling for fresh content ideas to fill your pipeline. Read this tutorial to find SEO content ideas to drive traffic.

Local PPC

Tutorial #7:
How to See Competitor Landing Pages and Find Out What Works for SEO & PPC

In this article, we explain how to see competitor landing pages and learn the secrets behind what works for them on paid and organic search marketing.

Tutorial #8:
PPC Prospecting Software: How to Find PPC Prospects and Turn Them Into Clients

In this guide, we will give you a detailed method for using prospecting software to find and secure new PPC clients.

Tutorial #9:
How to Research Competitors for Local PPC Marketing Strategy

How can you research competitors who run PPC campaigns in your local target area? We explain how to analyze “near me” keywords, local SERPs, and more.

Video Tutorials

How to find Profitable Keywords

This short tutorial video explains how to use iSpionage’s proprietary Keyword Effectiveness Index score (KEI) to find your competitors’ most profitable keywords faster.

How iSpionage Helps PPC Manager Write Best Ads AND Find Profitable Keyword Group

This short tutorial video explains how to use iSpionage’s proprietary Ads Effectiveness Index score (AEI) to help you write great ad copy from the get go AND the tight keyword group that should trigger them.

How to Spy on Your Competitor’s Landing Pages to Improve Conversion Rates

Watch this video to learn how to use iSpionage landing page intelligence to spy on your competitor’s in order to improve your conversion rates.

How to Automate Your Keyword Research with Competitor Alerts

In search marketing, keywords are the lifeblood of your campaigns. Watch this short tutorial to learn how to set up iSpionage Competitor Alerts that will send you a list of new keywords to test on a bi-weekly basis.

How to Find Long Tail Keywords for SEO Campaign Using iSpionage

Search engine optimization is about generating useful content for your target market. The question is, with Google analytic now masked the organic keywords data with (not provided), how will you know what topice to write about?