Improve Your SEO Results With Keyword Monitoring

Advanced Tutorial: Achieving SEO Results through Keyword Monitoring

This tutorial covers how to use the iSpionage Keyword Monitoring tool to stay aware of how your most important keywords are ranking on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Use Keyword Monitoring to deliver a bird’s eye view of your SEO rank, and then dial in to see how specific words, phrases, and pages are faring relative you your organic competition.

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The tutorial above has been provided to help you make the most of iSpionage account. Both businesses and agencies can use the information provided to improve the performance of their search marketing campaigns and achieve results.

Tutorial Content Summary

The video tutorial above looks at the iSpionage Keyword Monitoring tool explain ways to help you better manage and optimize your Search Engine Optimization efforts and PPC campaigns. When you login to iSpionage, all you need to do is select the Keyword Monitor link at the top of the page or the Keyword Monitor button in the middle of the page to access this tool.

Create a Project

The first thing you see is the option to Create a Project. When creating a project you have the option to monitor SEO ranking results for a specific URL, or to monitor a list of PPC keywords nationally or in your local area. Once you create any of these project types, the system will begin collecting competitive intelligence data for you so that you can better manage and optimize your campaigns.

The focus of the video tutorial is to explain SEO rank tracking. It explains that in order to track a list of organic keywords of interest, you place the URL for the site you want to monitor into the URL box, name the project, and then place your list of keywords you want to monitor into the last box. Click save, and your project is created.

how to create a SEO project

Depending on the number of keywords you enter, it may take 24 hours to compile and begin graphing the data you request.

Site-Level Keyword Rank Tracking

iSpionage can be used to keep a close eye on your most important keywords to know how your SEO optimization efforts are faring. It shows how it can help you be aware if a competitor begins to optimize around your same terms. The Keyword Monitoring and the Alerting functionality can also be used by affiliate management companies to understand how their trademarks and brands are being used across the internet.

The tutorial video looks at an internet retailer tracked their top 14 converting keywords over time. It shows how to observe changes to your competition and keeps an eye on keyword rank changes.

Keyword Monitoring Rank Tracking Report

Individual Keyword Rank Tracking

The Keyword Rank tab shows the same data represented for specific keywords. As you can see here, their terms of interest did quite well for several months, but then started trending downward in December of 2011.
Keyword Monitoring Keyword Rank Tab

Page-Level Keyword Rank Tracking

Choose the Pages tab at the top, to see how each of the subpages of the site are optimized for the selected keywords. This is a very useful tool to determine what pages are doing well and which could use additional work to rank better.
Use the pages tab to see how specific site pages are doing

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement Cycle for Search Engine Optimization Results
This content is appropriate for the “Check” phase of the Continuous Improvement Cycle.
iSpionage believes strongly that Search Marketing is best optimized by using an iterative continuous improvement process. Refer to our Continuous Improvement post for more information.

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