Tutorial: How to More Quickly Achieve Search Advertising Results

Getting Started Tutorial: How to More Quickly Achieve Search Advertising Results

Learn how iSpionage can be used to efficiently review and identify search ads and keyword grouping best practices for your market. Using an example from the web hosting industry, we show you how iSpionage can help you identify and emulate your competitor’s best ads and keyword grouping strategies. This video explains a key iSpionage metric: the Advertising Effectiveness Index (AEI) which measures which ads continue to deliver the most value.

Tutorial Video: Watch in HD

Tutorial Content Summary

Ad Effectiveness Index

The ad effectiveness index is a number we use to quantify the effectiveness of ads. The score is assigned based on two variables:

    – Duration Used -> How long has the ad been in use?
    – Recently Used -> Is the ad still is use or recently was in use?

Clicking on the Ads tab within iSpionage brings up a listing of ads sorted from the highest AEI to the lowest. This makes it quick and easy to review your competitor’s most successful ads.

Getting Started Series

The tutorial above is part of a series intended to help you make the most of both our free account and complete system. It covers a few basics to help you get started and points out some best practices and tips and tricks along the way. Both businesses and agencies can use the information provided to improve the performance of their search marketing campaigns and achieve results. The next tutorial in the Getting started series covers landing page research: Achieving Alignment and Results through Landing Page Research

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