The Beginner’s Guide to Using iSpionage Keyword Monitoring

Keyword monitoring allows you to receive updates about the most important keywords your business is bidding on. Whenever a change is logged, you’ll get an email letting you know about the change.

This guide will walk you through how to set up keyword monitoring in iSpionage so you can keep up with the most important keywords for your campaigns.

Setting Up Keyword Monitoring

To begin, click “Keyword Monitor” in the upper menu as shown below.

Keyword Monitoring

Next, follow the steps to set up a keyword monitoring project. You’ll first select “PPC Nationwide Keyword Monitoring (US Only)” (or one of the other selections if that matches what you’re looking to do). After making your selection, click “Continue.”


Next, enter a name for the project, add a short description, and then add the keywords you’d like to monitor. Once finished, click “Save” to finalize your project and begin monitoring your top keywords.

Project Type

After the project is saved, the system will begin collecting and processing the keywords you entered. The first update will be available 24 hours after the project has been saved.

How to Use the Information

When you check back 24 hours later, you’ll see something similar to the image below. It shows that are seven keywords being tracked, when the monitoring project was created, and the status. You can also click on the project to get more data.


The first tab on the next page shows the top five advertisers, the estimated impressions for the project, and the impression share per advertiser for the keyword.

Top Advertisers

Clicking the “Keyword” tab breaks things down even further and allows you to look at the data from a keyword level. You can see whether or not the keyword has direct linking affiliates, the avg. CPC and search volume for Google, the number of advertisers in Google/Yahoo/Bing, the number of days monitored, and the latest ad SERPs.


Clicking on the latest ad SERPS shows you the latest ad results for the keyword as seen below.

Latest Ads

Last but not least, you can click on the “Advertisers” tab to see how many companies are advertising for this keyword and what their impression share, ad coverage, and average ad position is along with the number of keywords in the project they’re bidding on.


All of the data points provide valuable information that will help you keep track of your most important keywords. You’ll also get an email alert as soon as something changes so you’ll be the first to know when a significant change takes place for the keywords that matter the most to you or your clients.

If you haven’t set up keyword monitoring yet, log in and give it a try. It’s simple to set up, and makes it easy to keep up with your most important keywords by providing email updates whenever significant changes take place.


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