Tutorial: PPC Relevance and Alignment for Results

Getting Started Tutorial: PPC Relevance and Alignment for Results

This tutorial reviews how to use iSpionage to discover ways to increase your relevance, alignment and ultimately the results of your Google AdWords campaigns. The videos below explain a few search marketing concepts and the most important metrics to optimize.

Concepts Video: Watch in HD

Tutorial Content Summary

Relevance and Alignment

The purpose of PPC search marketing ads like those served up by Google Adwords is to generate high quality traffic from your target audience for your site. The difference between getting the right, lower-cost traffic instead of the wrong, higher-cost traffic, depends primarily on the ideas of alignment and relevance.

When your keywords, ads, ad groups and landing pages are all aligned, then you will be rewarded with the lowest cost, most relevant traffic that can be bought. And alignment occurs when you establish a natural, logical flow and connection between all of these parts of your campaign.

When Alignment and Relevance is achieved, your Quality Score – a very important variable that Google computes to measure relevance – will go up. Whether your ad will be shown to your audience is determined by its Quality Score. This score is computed by a Google algorithm based on the following factors in rank order of their importance:

    – Click Through Rate – Each click-through is basically a vote by a searcher saying that your ad is relevant. As such, your CTR is really the primary determinant of whether an ad will be shown. It is also the one most influenced by budget.
    – The Relevancy of the search query to the keywords for the ad copy and ad group, and the
    – Landing Page Quality – Landing page quality if quantified by Google based on the relevance of the information, whether it is unique, the page load time and whether you are transparent about how you will any contact information you collect.

iSpionage Can Help You

    – Uncover the most effective keywords within your specific market
    – Discover which ads are effective and which are not,
    – Uncover whether your competitors are grouping keywords into logical keyword groups,
    – Efficiently review Landing Page designs for improvement ideas, and even
    – Deploy competitor alerts to stay on top of the competitors in your space and continuously learn and improve.

Web Hosting Companies Comparison

Watch how 1 & 1 Internet and Go Daddy stack up against each other! Learn what sorts of insights can be derived from the iSpionage system and data. This example from the web hosting industry has been provided to ensure the concepts are understood and can be immediately applied to your own search marketing challenges.

Example Video: Watch in HD

Continuous Improvement

This content is appropriate for the “Plan” phase of the Continuous Improvement Cycle.
iSpionage believes strongly that Search Marketing is best optimized by using an iterative continuous improvement process. Refer to our Continuous Improvement post for more information.

The tutorial above is part of a series intended to help you make the most of both our free account and complete system. It covers a few basics to help you get started and points out some best practices and tips and tricks along the way. Both businesses and agencies can use the information provided to improve the performance of their search marketing campaigns and achieve results. The next tutorial in the Getting Started series is: Using Competitive Keyword Research To Improve Results

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