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iSpionage UPDATE: New & Improved Competitor Alerts!

We are excited to announce some improvements to the competitor alerts within iSpionage competitive intelligence software.

Whats New?

After several weeks of development and UI improvements, Competitor ALERTS now includes:

    – Quicker insights with new User Interface
    – Alerts now include top performing keywords and ads

    – Keyword and Ad data right in your inbox without having to login
    – More frequent crawling for weekly ALERTS (and DAILY with Keyword Monitor)

Stay one step ahead of your competitors using ALERTS to monitor when they add keywords or make changes to the ads they are running. These competitor alerts help you win the battle especially when your competitor runs a promotion and you get notified so you can match or beat that offer. For example, if your competition runs a 25% off promotion for FATHER’s DAY, you can adjust your campaign and run the same discount or even higher to win the business.

This is an example of the email which includes the data right in your inbox without having to login.
The new alerts don’t just show you what new ads and keywords have been added by your competition, but we now display which keywords and ads are top performing and working.

Who uses these alerts?

– Agencies and Marketers like to use ALERTS to help monitor their clients competition
– e-commerce companies because there is so much change, new ofs and ads constantly changing due to monthly promotions for holidays (thanksgiving, memorial day, etc)
– PPC Advertisers to be notified when competitors make changes

Examples or Case Studies?

Here is a recent post describing how Companies and Agencies saved time and used iSpionage data to make more profit.

iSpionage uses a proprietary algorithm to calculate KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index) and AEI (Ad Effectiveness Index) These metrics show you what each competitors top performing keywords and ads are to quickly see what is working or not. Use this data to apply to your campaigns to shorten the time to profitability.

Would you like to ADD COMPETITOR ALERT now? Simply, click here

Please let us know how you like the new ALERTS and feel free to comment below with any feedback or suggestions.