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New AdWords Feature: Increase Keyword Profit with FREE Call Conversion Tracking

With mobile usage growing in popularity, more and more conversions happen over the phone versus online.  A quiet announcement last week by Google to offer FREE website call conversion tracking is something all PPC managers and agencies should utilize.  This post will explain why this is important and how to set it up to drive more keyword profit.  Adwords Call Tracking Setup

Under “Tools” and “New Conversion” you will now see the option to track “Calls to a Google forwarding number on your website”.  Keep in mind, Call Conversion Tracking from Google is only available if you advertise in the US, UK, France, Germany, Spain or Australia.

Why Is This Important?

An Adwords technology launch like this is almost as big as when Google released free Web Analytics back in 2006 and turned that industry upside down!

This time, Google Adwords is shaking up the Call Tracking or Call Analytics industry but only time will tell how this all plays out.

If you get over 20%-50% of your sales through website calls or mobile visitors, this is huge as another data set to measure keyword performance and improve results!

Google has offered Ad Extensions for several years with a specific Call Extensions that allow you to use a unique phone number in the ads you are running.

Adwords site links Call Extensions

If users call directly from the Adwords Ad creative using Call Extensions you will be able to see the number of calls, Cost per Call and Call in Conversion Rate.  (See Example Below)

Call Extensions example

The problem with Call extensions is you miss most calls because a lot of people click through to the website before calling. Therefore, most calls happen on the website which means you lose the tracking unless you’re using a third-party call tracking vendor or start using this new conversion type.

How Do I Set This Up?

To use this feature simply add a new “conversion” under “tools” and make five important decisions.

Adwords Call Tracking Setup #2


1) Conversion Value for each call in a dollar amount or “Don’t assign a value”

2) Call Length to determine the seconds needed to count as a call (example 60 seconds)

3) Count all conversions or only Unique Conversions

4) Conversion Window that you will continue to use that number on the website (example 60 days)

5) Conversion Category (Lead, Sales, etc)

The final step before you can get started is to tag the pages you want to track with the scripts Google provides.

Adwords Call Tracking Setup #3

If installed correctly, Google will start dynamically changing the phone numbers on your website so you can see where the calls are coming from.  Once you have some call data, it will be nice not to rely solely on web analytics and online conversions to identify which keywords and campaigns are driving profit and which ones might be wasting your money.


The ultimate goal of search marketing is to identify profitable keywords that drive leads, sales, or calls and maximize the profit you can get form those keywords.

Do many of your conversion happen over the phone?  If yes, this new call conversion feature from Google will allow you to improve results by measuring which keywords and campaigns drive calls not just online conversions.  Please share any results, strategies, or comments below after trying this new website call conversion tracking.