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NEW Feature: Advanced Keyword and Ads Drill Down for Quicker Insights

iSpionage is excited to announce the ability to look into your Competitor’s top keywords and analyze the ads they are using for Google or BING paid search.

This new feature helps iSpionage users quickly see which Ads Competitors are testing for each keyword right form the summary page.  You can also use the “Ads” tab to see how they are grouping keywords associated with each Ad.  In this example with, we are analyzing the keywords they are using with a high (KEI) Keyword Effectiveness Index.

amazon KW example in ispionage

Have you ever thought about if you had access to your competitors Google Adwords account?

The goal of this new feature is to help you immediately see which ads are being used for a specific keyword by just clicking on the + magnify glass next to the keyword.  Now you can easily see how many ads are running for each keyword and more.

As soon as you evaluate your Competitor’s top keywords, you can click on the + magnify glass and zoom in to see the ads associated with each keyword.  Right next to the Ads gain more insights by easily sorting by AEI (Ads Effectiveness Index), average position, days seen or last seen date.

iSpionage KW drill down Amazon

If you click on the “destination URL” It is nice to see which ads are being used for each keyword and the corresponding landing pages.  Below is the landing page being used for the keyword “aluminum attic latter” so I can compare against my landing page for the same keyword.

iSpionage KW drill down Amazon landing page


Basically, now you can see which keywords trigger ads and which ads are being used with each keyword.  One of the best insights is to look at the keywords associated with the top performing ads to reverse engineer their Adwords account structure as described in this post 5 spying strategies to generate more profit.

Takeaways & Benefits Include:

  •   Quicker insights into which ads are associated with each keyword
  •   Learn which ads a Competitor is testing and set up ALERTS for when they change them
  •   Discover Ads for each keyword that have the highest AEI (Ads Effectiveness Index) that you can use in your campaigns
  •   Quickly evaluate how many landing pages they are using and how they compare to your website
  •   Reverse Engineer Competitor’s Account structure by seeing which keywords are being grouped together with top performing Ads

Let us know if you have any questions as to how to use this data to improve the performance of your PPC campaigns.  Please share any ideas you have to gain insights quicker from the 45 Million Domains, 90 Million Keywords and over 108 Million Ads we have in our database.