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Why You Need to Eat a Live Frog First in Order to Be Productive

If you’re like me and had never heard this quote by Mark Twain, you were probably a little confused by the title of this article. Eating a live frog refers to completing a task that really, really sucks. I mean, eating a live frog would be fairly traumatizing, right? So the advice intended by Mr. Twain is to eat the frog first in order to get it out of the way and have a more productive day.
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Top PPC News: 8 Hot Articles from the Last Two Weeks

Once again we're going to take a look at the top trending posts this week in PPC. Take some time to check out these posts to stay up-to-date on the world of PPC marketing. The posts range from best practices in PPC to what's trending in mobile. Enjoy! #1: Mastering the PPC Challenge: Break-even CPC and More
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Uber vs. Lyft: Who’s Winning the PPC Battle?

Lyft and Uber are currently in a heated battled for car-on-demand services. So much so that Lyft recently accused Uber of ordering and cancelling 5000+ rides as a way to disrupt Lyft’s services. They even claims that 177 Uber employees around the country were involved. The reason for the heated competition is that there’s big money on the line for car-on-demand services. Uber’s latest round of $1.2 billion in funding values them at $17 billion to $18.2 billion. That means there’s a lot at stake for Uber to dominate the market.
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6 Advanced Ways to Better Visualize PPC Data

While it may seem simple, when we build out PPC reports, we sometimes lose sense of the chart types and the math that get us to real insights. Yes, scatter plots, regression analysis, and those sorts of reports may be a bit much for the design department, but as an analyst in charge of getting results, you should be using the tools needed to get the job done.
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What Selling Green Oranges Can Teach You about Good Copywriting

Does good copywriting really matter? You may have asked yourself that question before. A lot of people say that it does, but will it really? Today, I’m going to tell a story that proves it does. The Story about Selling Green Oranges Sometime last year, a manager at a small non-profit placed a bowl of green oranges onto a table in the breakroom. He’d picked them himself from the tree in his backyard and was sharing them with everyone in the office.
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8 Top PPC Marketing Posts from This Week

Today we're doing a quick roundup of the top PPC posts from the week so you can top up your Buffer account and stay abreast of what's being published. The topics cover everything from common PPC mistakes to landing page best practices. Enjoy! #1: The 5 Most Common PPC Mistakes from AdWords Do-It-Yourselfers
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NEW Feature: Advanced Keyword and Ads Drill Down for Quicker Insights

iSpionage is excited to announce the ability to look into your Competitor's top keywords and analyze the ads they are using for Google or BING paid search. This new feature helps iSpionage users quickly see which Ads Competitors are testing for each keyword right form the summary page.  You can also use the "Ads" tab to see how they are grouping keywords associated with each Ad.  In this example with, we are analyzing the keywords they are using with a high (KEI) Keyword Effectiveness Index.
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6 Advanced Excel Tips for PPC

Efficiency and time management are two factors that can make or break the success of any PPC manager. Being proficient with Microsoft Excel and knowing the quickest way to analyze data, find insights, and create new PPC campaigns can lead to better campaign performance and less stress during your workday.
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