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Metrics That Matter to SEO Agencies

The average Google Analytics report contains hundreds of different metrics, measuring everything from daily unique site visitors to content interactivity. Agencies face the unenviable task of distilling these metrics into a cohesive report. Some clients want the highlights; others want the details – but all clients want to meet their business goals.
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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Penguin 2.0

It's been a few weeks since Google announced and subsequently rolled out its latest algorithm change, Penguin 2.0—and as the dust settles, it's becoming apparent that SEO professionals of all stripes need to take stock of their strategies. Like the other algorithm changes that have shaken up the industry, Penguin 2.0 promises to improve reward systems for quality content while only penalizing sites that cross the line between black hat and white hat marketing techniques. The real shocker, though, is for those who have been skirting that line—the line just got moved, and you might need to make some changes to stay on the right side of it. Now that the industry is well into post-rollout recovery mode, it's time to examine the good, the bad and the ugly sides of Penguin 2.0.
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Google Universal Analytics: Make the Switch?

To switch or not to switch, that is the question. If you’re already a user of Google Analytics, you can now deploy Google Universal Analytics for your site – but should you? If you head over to the Google Analytics page, it’s already been revised to default to the description of Universal Analytics. Meaning that Google wants you to go in this direction. But not so fast! Chew on this first.
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Small Business and Social Media

In an increasingly competitive market, business owners are constantly on the lookout for a way to improve on current sales figures, boost the current rate of brand growth and beat out their competitors. This is all good and well if you have significant cash flow but what small businesses often restricted by a minimal task force, severe time restrictions, and near nonexistent budgets?
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Google Universal Analytics: Why the Switch?

If you’ve heard the buzz about Google Universal Analytics, have you heard the news that this is going to be a game-changer? But, really – what’s changing? Really, quite a bit. A Short History Lesson The Google Analytics you know and love wasn’t created in-house by Google. It’s based on an analytics product named “Urchin,” purchased by Google in 2005 – but originally created all the way back in 1998. The original code and the upgrades by Google have done an admirable job, but it had one big limitation: it was only designed to track visits to a website.
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Three Ways To Leverage Mobile Inbound Marketing

It seems the mobile market is getting hotter and more pervasive by the minute. Over the last 5 years for instance, the growth in search query volume from mobile phones has outpaced growth from desktop computers. Google announced recently that the number of daily searches from mobile devices will surpass daily desktop search volume by next year.
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Top Five Content Marketing Mistakes

The phrase “content is king” is always drilled into anybody who goes about building a website but, while most website owners are aware of the importance of text-based content throughout their website, not so many have a strong understanding of how to go about elevating their content to such echelons of royalty.
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Top Excel Tips for SEMs

As many SEMs know, Microsoft Excel is a top tool of the trade (or a necessary evil, depending on your level of comfort with it). Whether you’re looking to get into the field or simply sharpen your skills, here are a few of my favorite, necessary shortcuts and Excel tips for SEMs.
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How SEO and Social Media are Uniting

Social media and SEO were once completely separate entities with different purposes and roles. This is still true to a certain extent but as technology and people’s usage has changed, so has the need for a more integrated approach to these two disciplines. Whilst best practices for these online communications tools will continue to evolve, here are some important points for professionals working in either sphere to consider.
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