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Is SEO an Expense or Investment?

Businesses, no matter the size, all strive to minimize expenses and in turn maximize profit. Many business owners view marketing services as expenses that provide a short term gain to their organization, whether it is to customer reach, customer retention and even sales. It is vital for business owners to understand that many of their online marketing strategies, specifically search engine optimization, are investments into the long term success and profitability of their organization.
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10 PPC Tricks and Tactics to Try

Who cares if you’ve failed your 2013 New Year’s resolutions? You can still use the rest of the year to make your PPC advertising more profitable. There are a large number of tricks and tactics that you can use to improve your CTR, bring you more traffic, cut your costs, and improve your conversions. Here are 10 PPC tricks that we think you should try in 2013.
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Using Social Media & Video to Engage

Businesses of all sizes should consider establishing a presence on major social media channels as well as creating a video channel in order to improve their marketing and outreach efforts. Social Media The Wall Street Journal revealed that 32% of brands now have a dedicated customer service Twitter handle, but it’s incredibly important that businesses and organizations develop a strategy before delving in to the world of social media. The Guardian recently ran a story about how the Post Office clearly had no strategy when they set up a Twitter account. Customers were enquiring about packages and estimated arrival dates but the employee operating the Twitter account had no idea about this aspect of the business!
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4 Ways to Measure SEO Progress

From longtail keyword phrases to Google AdWords, your business follows a diversified strategy for SEO success. But how do you know whether your SEO strategy is actually working? Sure, you’re already tracking the results of your AdWords campaign and monitoring conversion rates, but this information only gives you a partial snapshot of your SEO strategy’s successes or shortcomings.
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Three Principles Behind Content That Converts

Confused about how to write content that converts? When you have a business website or blog and you are trying to get the attention of your target market, all that really matters is whether or not your content is converting. Even having a great deal of monthly website traffic won't build your bottom line if it does not convert.
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Social Media Options

Creating social media accounts is necessary for businesses to stay current with a continually growing tech savvy population. Once we’re all setup and ready to post, a few daunting questions arise: • How do I effectively market my products/service? • Why is no one interacting with me?
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Measuring Social Media Success

What happens after your business tweets, posts on Facebook, or shares a whitepaper on LinkedIn? Quantifying the impact of social media strategy has long been a serious challenge faced by marketing agencies and SEO strategists. While numerous social media tools and agencies purport to measure social media impact, more metrics do not translate into better information. After all, the number of fans, likes or re-tweets does not always lead to a stronger brand or increased market share.
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Use of Email Newsletters by Startups

There are various web-based customer retention techniques, one of which staying top of the mind with your customers and subscribers through email newsletters. Newsletters can vary substantially though. The various types include promotional newsletters, informative and educational newsletters, product newsletters etc. Overall though, newsletters are an important tool to help boost and spark the sales activities of many start up businesses.
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Metrics That Matter to SEO Agencies

The average Google Analytics report contains hundreds of different metrics, measuring everything from daily unique site visitors to content interactivity. Agencies face the unenviable task of distilling these metrics into a cohesive report. Some clients want the highlights; others want the details – but all clients want to meet their business goals.
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