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Using Competitive Intelligence to Find the Most Profitable Niche

Whether you are an affiliate marketer or a small business owner, being able to understand the competitive landscape is important in uniquely differentiating your product/service online.  The same principle applies in creating effective internet marketing campaigns. Our Keyword and Domain Research tool is designed to identify and target your most competitive keywords to incorporate into your online campaign, saving you valuable time and money in the process.Once you have signed up to try our software, follow these 3 steps to discover your most profitable niche:Create a ProjectEnter 1-2 KeywordsAnalyze the ResultsIt’s that simple.For the complete tutorial, click here.Guest Blogger
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Actionable Intelligence

ACTIONABLE INTELLIGENCE (Chapter 1) Whether you’re a small business owner or an internet marketing guru, understanding the competitive landscape will enable you to compete more intelligently. Knowing what your competitors are doing, how they are positioned in the market, and how they are promoting their business online allows you to uniquely position your company/product/service. Investigate before you act. The same rules apply as you consider executing a pay-per-click campaign. You must monitor and analyze the competitive space before you execute a PPC campaign.
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The World Has Become Local

I saw an article in our local paper (The San Jose Mercury-News) that reminded me of how technology has shrunk the world. It ran March 24 and was about GoDaddy joining with Google to reject the Chinese government’s surveillance and censorship rules. Any student of global business knows it was not that long ago that the United States and China weren’t even speaking, much less doing business. Now we have progressed to the point that two American companies are willing to risk losing out on the burgeoning Chinese consumer audience.
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Why it is important to use PPC to help you in your SEO efforts.

An important part of a well executed SEO project is having quality keyword data identifying which keywords should be prioritized for SEO. This data will steer decisions around site design and layout which will lead to creating and adding additional content. There’s no point spending time and money optimizing your website to rank for keywords that don’t actually generate conversions. The key question is knowing what keywords are the right ones to optimize for your website.
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What’s required in GA tracking parameters?

If you're running a Non-Adwords campaign (either via Yahoo!, Bing, banner, blog post, etc) you need to attach tracking parameters onto your destination/landing page URL to be able to monitor its performance in your Google Analytics. The available parameters are: utm_campaign utm_source utm_medium utm_term utm_content The easiest way to format your destination URL is to use the tool Google provided to you. Check this out to:
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Too many keywords in an ad group? Segment out the keywords into ad groups quickly using iSpionage

I was working on a client’s campaign recently and the first think I noticed, which happens a lot, is that the client had a pretty wide variety of keywords within one adgroup leading to a lack of focus and tough to create highly relevant ads for the keywords. We are aware that ad groups are essential components of pay per click marketing and creating effective ad groups will help you drive more traffic at much lower cost, while increasing the number of conversions on your site.
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