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How to Quickly Improve Search Marketing Results

Is Your Website Ready to Convert?

If you have decided that your business and website is ready to attract high-potential traffic, then starting an AdWords and an iSpionage account are good first steps. Google provides plenty of free advice and expertise about starting an AdWords account.

Plan, Do, Check, Act…Repeat

An established best practice in the search marketing world is to implement a repeatable process that continuously improve results over time. Kudos to W. Edwards Deming and Total Quality Management for the gift of the continuous improvement cycle. Many businesses in America today are based on using good data and implementing this simple but powerful way of managing to ensure continuous improvement over time.

No PPC campaign is ever perfect at launch. None… nada… zero percent. Not on Google AdWords, not on Yahoo’s Search Marketing platform, not on Microsoft’s AdCenter. The primary benefit we deliver is to enable you to implement and repeat this PPC campaign improvement process more quickly than ever before.

What IS important is to give your efforts a start smart – by taking the planning phase seriously – and thoughtfully nudging your ads and campaigns toward success over time.

NO campaign is ever optimal from the start, but iSpionage is here to provide you with the competitive information and benchmarks you need to reach your PPC goals more quickly. iSpionage offers a simple way to work smarter and improve results faster than ever before by understanding the actions, decisions, and strategies of your best competitors.

Plan for PPC Success with iSpionage

  • iSpionage is a research tool that, among many other things, can help you quickly discover keyword and keyword phrase ideas you’ve never considered before.
  • Your competitors have already done some of this work for you so why reinvent the wheel if you do not have to.
  • Why not let your competitors do some of your keyword research for you?

Let’s take a peek at a timely example to see what sort of assistance iSpionage can offer during in the Planning phase:

How Google Helped Buy the US Presidential Election


Chris Sparks, iSpionage Director of Marketing
Chris is an online marketing and content strategist here at iSpionage building awareness and engagement within our target markets.